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Please Pray For My Mom


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I know I do not post here often and many of you do not know me--but, I am requesting to please pray for my mom. I need all the help I can get....My mother had a stroke Wed and she is in the ICU unit at the hospital. Her right side is paralyzed, she cannot talk and her lung partially collapsed yesterday. They put her on an oxygen mask and it helped to open up the lung again. They are trying to wean her off the mask, but, it seems like a slow process.She is battling congestion due to a cough she had before the stroke which can cause all sorts of complications. On top of all that she has Dementia which was starting to progress...It pains me to see her going thru all this...I have been the major caregiver...She is such a sweet, likeable woman who always gave to others, put herself last, and is a mother to be proud of...

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I'm really, really sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like you're very close to her, and have been doing all you can to help her through some hard times. Hang in there, and keep the faith. Prayers and positive thoughts your way....



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Jackie: I work in a hospital so I know what you are talking about with your mother. I will begin praying immediately for you for strength and for your mother to heal and get well. You are not alone; if you need to talk you can phone me...I am off tomorrow. My phone number is 412-561-2467. I know you don't know me, but I can at least listen and offer support. Hang in there!

God Bless,


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Yes, Jackie.

Some say that strokes are worse than heart attacks, because one side of the body is paralyzed.

One of the most revered neurologists in the world believes in prayer, Dr. Amen. I know, what a name. He is the one who started brain scans, years ago. I believe he's done about 20,00 to 50,000 brain scans now.

He is often featured on PBS TV(This week I saw him on TV), and is also famous for that one commercial: "Your mind is a terrible thing to waste".

You can ask a question, or call his office. He has several clinicians, or talk to him. They deal with every brain type or problems(Dementia,Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, ADD and ADHD, Problem Behaviors, etc. There is a scan for each type of brain problem). He was the one who started brain scans, years ago.

If you click on supplements and scroll down to Brain Enhancers, they have three supplements. You can see what they suggest to use to elevate brain function, and health. To the right of that is Brain Science 101, a crash course explaining the brain. And also, to the left, SPECT Research- Articles and Abstracts. Then click on Spect Summary Tables-Dementia. Scrolling to the bottom of the summaries, 210 studies were done. And over 13,000 patients.

And scrolling further down, there are two pictures of before and after dementia brain scans, and others. Click, and they will rotate around. Or, click near the top of page, "Meet Dr. Amen". That's him in the photo reading the brain scan.


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Jackie, Your Mom and you have my prayers. My Mom had Alzheimers and I was the main caregiver, so I know what you are battling. Take care of yourself, please, because your health can be threatened by this as well, and your Mom needs you to be strong to help her.

Pray and believe she will come through the current crisis and she will. We are all pulling for you. Take heart. Mom knows you love her and she loves you, so take comfort from that.

:)--Love, Darlene

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Jackie, I've read some of your posts!!! I am more than happy to include your Mom in my prayers!! My own Mommy had a stroke on 2/8/11 and it has been very trying to say the least. Please don't give up hope for your Mom. At one point we were being told that our Mommy was actively dying and to get ready for our goodbyes!! Mom is now in a nursing home with a fantastic staff and she makes improvement everyday!! She manages to get out a word or two from time to time and we are thankful for that. She is able to sit up on her own now, to take steps with the aid of a walker and as of last week, she began to have strained food!!

Jackie, please never, never, never give up hope and always pray!! When you are with your Mom, remind her of all of the good things in her life and her reasons to keep on fighting!!


Miriam & TJ (The Baby)

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