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A New Eric Carmen Online Guest Record?


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It's climbed to 447 guests at 8:57 PM.

486 guests at 9:03PM, or 12:03AM

The Inside Story, 24 guests.

That's Rock and Roll, 68 guests.

Everything, 123 guests.

Cartoon World, 138 guests.

Come Around And See Me, 48 guests.

Nobody Knows, 68 guests.

Cruising music, 31 guests

And more of the other topics.

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That's 508 guests.

I'm thinking Facebook, or maybe Eric is mentioned or shown recorded singing somewhere from before, in the past. Maybe someone mentioned him on American Idol, or sang his song. Maybe he was shown on TV or interviewed. That's quite a jump.

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That's what can happen, elle4ec, and Reid C. The numbers changed as I typed my posts.

I noticed that one of the topics that someone else started, and I posted on, kept going higher and higher over the last month. I think it's Facebook, which I'm not on.

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Al K posted a Raspberries-related blog to FB yesterday along with the 30 sec TV commercial for Live on Sunset Strip. I noticed some ec.com members "liked" the blog thus introducing it to a myriad of FB friends not involved with ec.com.

That would definitely explain the numbers, John!

Our intimate little site may be welcoming lots of new "friends" soon...

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