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Elizabeth Taylor....R.I.P.


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Such sad news!! Elizabeth Taylor was not only one of the world's most beautiful women (inside and out), she had a great compassion for people and was a very loyal friend!!

It is with sadness that I think of all of her work on behalf of AIDS and her loyalty to her friends even when the rest of the world ridiculed them (i.e. Michael Jackson, Rock Hudson, Montgomery Clift).

I love her film work, her perfume and her great and caring spirit!! May God rest her soul and comfort her family!! cryingpray

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She was a great talent, and obviously a great beauty... but MissM... I think Debbie Reynolds might question the "loyalty to friends" comment... Regardless of her ancient love-life history, she will be missed... as are all icons... But I suspect she may be larger in death than she has been recently in life as the furor surrounding her death may indeed introduce a whole new generation to her work!

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Beautiful Movie Star...Never quite understood the legend status. When I see scenes of her acting, I see an average talent. But she did win 2 Oscars, so Hollywood loved her. I think she and Richard Burton cemented their legend status with their prima donna antics in the 60's. Lots of compassion in her later years gained her props. 3 of her best friends, Rock Hudson, Mongomery Clift and Michael Jackson...shows that she admired people that didn't constantly stare at her legendary cleavage. R.I.P.

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Maybe if I would actually watch her 2 Oscar winning performances, I would appreciate her more.

She was OK in Giant...and praised in many other movies in the 50's and 60's.

The whole revolving marraige thing and her dramatic explanations for her fickle choices kind of made me think she was acting on and off screen...Then her pining in interviews about Clift and Hudson, 2 gay men, makes me wonder if she liked wanting what she couldn't have.

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Tonto, you might enjoy Elizabeth Taylor more if you watch these two films:

1. A Place in the Sun

2. Cat on a hot tin roof

Somehow and for some unknown reason I've always liked that she married 8 times and was Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky!!

Hey, Tonto, did you know her last hubby (Larry Fortensky) lives in Temecula? He does...Also, TCM is doing a marathon of her best movies on April 10th!

The 24-hour memorial tribute, set to begin at 6 a.m. (ET/PT), will include both of Taylor's Oscar-winning performances, with Butterfield 8 (1960) at 8 p.m. (ET) and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) at 10 p.m. (ET).

The April 10 schedule (all times Eastern):

6 a.m. – Lassie Come Home (1943), with Roddy McDowall and Edmund Gwenn; directed by Fred M. Wilcox.

7:30 a.m. – National Velvet (1944), with Mickey Rooney, Anne Revere and Angela Lansbury; directed by Clarence Brown.

10 a.m. – Conspirator (1952), with Robert Taylor and Robert Flemyng; directed by Victor Saville.

11:30 a.m. – Father of the Bride (1950), with Spencer Tracy, Billie Burke, Joan Bennett and Don Taylor; directed by Vincente Minnelli.

1:15 a.m. – Father's Little Dividend (1951), with Spencer Tracy, Billie Burke, Joan Bennett and Don Taylor; directed by Vincente Minnelli.

2:45 p.m. – Raintree County (1957), with Montgomery Clift, Eva Marie Saint, Lee Marvin, Rod Taylor and Agnes Moorehead; directed by Edward Dmytryk.

6 p.m. – Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958), with Paul Newman and Burl Ives; directed by Richard Brooks.

8 p.m. – Butterfield 8 (1960), with Laurence Harvey and Eddie Fisher; directed by Daniel Mann.

10 p.m. – Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), with Richard Burton, George Segal and Sandy Dennis; directed by Mike Nichols.

12:30 a.m. – Giant (1956), with James Dean and Rock Hudson; directed by George Stevens.

4 a.m. – Ivanhoe (1952), with Robert Taylor and Joan Fontaine; directed by Richard Thorpe.

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Herman and I were both really really sad to hear this. She had problems off and on with her lungs, vis a vis pneumonia, all her life. This time it was congestive heart failure, at age 79.

Missm said it all so very well. Her beauty and acting gifts were balanced by her deep and abiding friendship and compassion for others. She was the best friend to everyone, even way back to Monty (Montgomery) Clift and Rock Hudson. Hollywood surely is mourning her like they've never mourned anyone before.

I think she was a natural actress. She sailed through all the difficult transitions from child star to adult actress because she was so versatile. And uncommonly beautiful, with her raven hair and violet eyes. I told Herman today that I thought every feature of her face was absolutely perfect, throughout all the years of her entire life. She aged beautifully. Above all, she had class.

She was an ardent and tireless activist for AIDS and other humanitarian causes, but unlike Sean Penn, Jane Fonda and Susie Sarandon, didn't wag any fingers in faces and order people to do things or believe a certain way. Liz led by EXAMPLE, which is the subtlest and most effective way to lead any cause. I'm sure that's why she was universally admired as well as loved. I never heard anyone say one negative thing about her, not even Debbie Reynolds during the Eddie Fisher affair.

RIP, Elizabeth. You showed us that you were a true star, because you sparkled. Yours was a life well led and you and your work WILL TRULY be remembered forever.

:(--Love, Darlene

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Guest Fresh

I had read a biography of Liz Taylor over 20 years ago. It told of how she was raped at age 12 by the head of MGM, Louis B. Mayer. When she told her father about it, he supposedly said to her, "that's what you will need to do to get anywhere in Hollywood". Unbelievable.

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terragram, those with the time and inclination do! Of course I've never really had the inclination to marry 8 times. One time has been sufficient for me. happy

And me too missm, but luckily I have a very happy one.

I wonder if Bubbles will lead the cortege at the funeral, complete with white glove?

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She was madly in love with Mike Todd, and I believe had he not been killed in a plane crash, they would have remained married.

She was nuts about him and they had a very happy marriage. Maybe she was looking for that perfect love in her other marriages but never found it. She loved Burton, but their marriage was so volatile. He said some very unkind things to belittle her beauty. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, with Natalie Wood and Pier Angeli next in line.

I don't believe multiple marriages (even 8) make someone "abnormal." Everyone has unique emotional situations and I thought Liz had great sensitivity as an actress, which sensitivity carries over into daily life away from the screen. She projected great strength in her career and personally, but I think she was emotionally very fragile in real life. And there was nothing wrong with her relationships with gay men. They were very cherished friends to her. She obviously didn't need every relationship with a man to be sexual in nature.

Great actors and artists often have great sensitivity, which makes them fragile. I've known Jesse Eisenberg, for instance, since he was in 2nd grade, and he has extreme sensitivity as an actor, which is why he's extremely gifted. He also has a fragile personality. When he makes dark jokes about his sessions with a therapist, he's not kidding. But he's not "abnormal" either. Heifetz was the same. The sensitivity that makes an artist gifted also makes him/her fragile. And these are usually the most intelligent human beings. Where would the world be without their gifts?

She will always be an object of my admiration.

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