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Big News for NRBQ Fans


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Terry Adams just made 2 big announcements - (1) that his band the Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet, starting next week (to coincide with the release of their new CD) will be calling themselves NRBQ. (Terry owns the name, but has tried several times unsuccessfully to reunite with Joey Spampinato, the other founding member who was still playing in the band as of their split-up in 2004). The 'Q have been known for years as one of the world's greatest bar bands, with a rabid following, and going back to the old name will definitely boost their bookings and attendance at shows....not to mention that his new band sounds like a younger, more intense version of NRBQ anyway.

(2) The second part of his announcement is a surprise to all but his family and close friends......that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer back in '04, which is what initially caused the break-up of the band. Terry is doing much better now, after several years of various treatments.

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John, over the past two years I have found you to be a wealth of rock info!! I always go back to our conversation about Thin Lizzy and the Peel Sessions. At any rate, you should cover rock for a living and should start your own publication...something like JOHN O'S JOINT. You are way more informative than Rolling Stone or Creem. Just sayin'.
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Thanks! Speaking of Thin Lizzy, I'll be seeing the latest version of the band this Saturday in NYC (Best Buy Theater). I didn't care for the last version of the band, fronted by John Sykes and with Tommy Aldridge on drums....they turned TL into a heavy metal band.

This latest version is much, much closer to the originals' sound and feel.....co-founder Brian Downey is back on drums, and they went out and got an Irish guy who sounds almost exactly like Phil - Ricky Warwick of the punk band The Almighty. I've heard live bootlegs of recent shows, and it's hard to tell them apart from the 70s/original version.

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