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First of all a big THANK YOU to everyone who took time from their schedules to wish me a happy birthday!!

Secondly, I was given 3 great gifts for my birthday!!

1. On Tuesday evening, I went to visit with my Mommy before leaving town on early Wednesday morning. I did the usual one-sided chat and was extremely surprised that she responded to my usual question of "How're You Feeling Mommy"" with "PRETTY GOOD"!!

2. One hour after arriving in Vegas I hit a jackpot of $103,615.00 on a 4 line progressive $1 slot!! Between Wednesday and yesterday, I won a total of $166,615.00. Not too shabby.

3. TJ and I are still hanging in there!! We hope to continue hanging in until his due date on 8/27/11!!

We had tickets to FUNK-A-PALOOZA (featuring George Clinton, Zapp and The Mary Jane Girls) on March 19th. The show started at 8 pm and by 5 pm I knew in my heart that I was not in the mood to see it. Don't ask me why that was, but my interest evaporated so we skipped it!!!

On my birthday, 3/19, I was actually in bed and asleep at 3:30 am (the time of my birth) but woke up and gave thanks to God for all of the blessings in my life...among which EC.com is one!!

Vegas was fun and I was good which means no junk food!!! Also no alcohol!!

Thanks to all of you again for BEING MY FRIENDS!! Although I am not yet a Golden Girl...this one goes to all of you...

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Through everything that has happened in my life (believe me there has been a whole lot), I've lived by the chorus of this song. Despite the fact that it was not released until I was well into adulthood. I've found it very true. That and "do unto others"

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I want to know how the hell MissM keeps going to Vegas and keeps winning these huge jackpots when everybody else I know comes up short to the house? This is about the 3rd or 4th HUGE jackpot I've heard about from you, girl?


And next time I go to Vegas, can I drop by before so you can rub my balding head for luck?...

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Tonto, it's a case of being in the right place at the right time and chosing the right machine (high limit area) and going for it. I stay off of the main floor because I don't like crowds and chatty people when I am working (gambling). The high limit area is usually very quiet, even when people win!!

None of my pots are HUGE by my standards (think Megabucks - at this time at just over 10 million)! In all honesty they are enough to make me smile and giggle (the all important being amused and entertained). When I hit a truly HUGE pot, I will tell my husband to retire again for good and I will cease to gamble. I look forward to letting my money work for me.

When you go to Vegas you don't need me to rub your precious head for luck! Let me know and I will tell you where to play and how much to play. Will that work for you. Here are some tips for your HUGE win!!

1. Ask for the bulk of your winning in a check! Never, never, never allow the casino to place your winnings in a case for you to have ready access! This is a sure way to spin yourself into a very depressing losing streak. The check you can take to the branch of your bank in that city and deposit.

2. Ask the casino to withhold the taxes (in my case 27%) in a tax account immediately. This way UNCLE SAM gets his when it is due.

3. When you hit your HUGE win, enjoy that moment!! Depending on the size of the pot and the number of lookie-loos hanging around there may be a lot of cheering and congratulations.

4. Be aware that it takes a casino more than 5 minutes to pay you on anything more than $10k. Is is almost as if they have to mint the money or something. During that time, chill and think about what bills you are going to pay off and how much of your win you will put in savings, CDs or MMAs.

5. Go away from the machines!! Eat a nice meal or have your room upgraded. A slot host will show up when you win and it is up to you to tell them what you want the casino to do for you to keep you there. Most will pick up your tab for meals, upgrade your room, pick up the tab for show tickets, etc. The list is endless.

6. Never, ever play without having your PLAYER'S CARD in the machine!! Why? You accumulate points by doing so. We've been going to Vegas for 16 years and we've only paid for a room twice (back in the mid 90s). Additionally, with your card the casino will beg you to come back by not only offering you a free suite, but they will also give you cash ($300 - $1000) to play with.


1. Always play MAX BET!! I've missed a couple of jackpots by being cheap!! The first one I missed was in 1995 on a .25 slot. I got cheap and played a quarter and won $500. Had I played 75 cents I would have won $5k!! I learned.

2. When you win, don't be a jerk.

3. I always have my religious icons on my person, usually in my bag. This trip was St. Joseph, The Blessed Virgin Mary (the Miraculous Medal that I wear) and St. Gerard. St. Joseph and St. Gerard were on prayer cards in my bag.

4. When you win, be sure to give a little something to the cocktail waitress and cashiers. Some casinos forbid cashiers from accepting a gift, but the cocktail waitresses don't have that restriction. They are all usually very nice people and in my case, get to know me very well by having to run back and forth to pay my jackpots. I usually give them $100 each.

5. Be gracious to the crowd that gathers to cheer and congratulate you. Don't be patronizing and be sure to wish them luck on their play.

6. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE - Be kind to your spouse. Encourage their play even if they lose! You've got to go home with them...

I hope all of that is helpful to you Tonto!!

With much love,


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Holy Crap! That Catholic medal stuff really works? I'll print this out and keep it handy. I thought you were just following Celine Dion's husband around and taking over his machine when he left in a huff...

I usually only play black jack and feel lucky if I come home ahead $20.

We stopped by that 1 casino town, Jean at the Gold Strike on the way home from Vegas on the 15th, fed 6 people at the buffet with coupons for a total of $20, I went to the table with my table match coupon, played 2 hands of black jack, tripled my money with a split hand, quit while I was ahead and left town feeling like a million dollars...


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Tonto, I'm sorry that my win has upset you! I only play blackjack at home. I do sometimes play video poker. The best I've done at that was $5k.

It sounds like you had a great time in Vegas. You had your family with you and came out $20 ahead!! That is great!!

j - I'm so glad you've settled down. Now you can go to Vegas and not worry about any need for a prescription!! - m

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