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35 years ago today - March 13, 1976...

Al K

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..."All By Myself" is #2 on the Billboard Pop Charts and #1 just about everywhere else.

Eric - To look at the life this song has sustained...from it's release in December 1975, through all the music legends who covered - and continue to cover - the song throughout the years, to just last week when it was so prominently featured on "American Idol" and the subsequent national press you received very favorably comparing your original recording to the "Idol" version...is nothing short of amazing.

Then there are the facts that counting Raspberries and your solo catalog you've had 14 top-40 hits, your songs have been major influences to some of rock's finest artists and that your songs are significant reasons for the success of 3 of the worldwide top selling albums of all time. The "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack featuring your hit "Hungry Eyes" (42 million worldwide), Celine Dion's "Falling Into You" featuring "All By Myself" (32 million), and the "Footloose" soundtrack featuring "Almost Paradise" (18 million). You have written or sung featured tracks on albums that have sold over 90 MILLION COPIES and counting. Then add in just a few of the the multi-million selling albums featuring Eric's hits by artists including Shaun Cassidy, Il Divo, 3T (with Michael Jackson) just to name a few and that number grows to over 100 MILLION. Not a bad run (SO FAR!)

Congratulations Eric on a great career - SO FAR!


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Wonderful to read your post this morning Al, as I sip my coffee and remember singing this song with my friends at Ed White Middle School in San Antonio, TX.

We were almost 14 and giggled at the line, "and makin' love was just for fun." blush

Heck, we hadn't even been kissed yet...my, my, have things changed! wink

Ya know, I have come to realize that there is a difference between just “putting out a song†and “composing an experience.â€

Some lyricists mass produce “words†because, well, they HAVE to have X amount of songs for the album, um...CD nowadays.

But if I may be so bold, it appears that with Eric, he seems to take what is deep down in his soul, sometimes even tucked away in his heart, and begins exposing himself in a way many of us would run from.

He writes what we may (also) feel.

He tells a story that we may (also) relate to.

He echoes moments in our lives that we wish to never mention to anyone, in fear of showing our weakness.


When we listen to the lyrics along with the melody---many a time, it give us strength to know someone else has been there. Whether it be an old love, a lost love or a new love.

And like turning the pages of a fascinating novel that engulfs every part of your being so much that you just can’t put it down...an Eric Carmen song, when “experiencedâ€, does the same.

One waits with baited breath for the next note, the next lyric, the next line and may I add---my everlasting gobsmacker ---the middle eight! (Sorry, I was thinking about my favorite song just now.)

Many of us can give another a gift of friendship or kindness, etc...but not many have ever given the world a gift of their talent.

Kinda mind blowing, don’tcha think?

And like many an artist, sometimes the true appreciation of their work comes years after they are long gone.

I hope this will not be the case with Eric.

What a pity it would be, for those who don’t know of his true gift.

A troubadour in his own right.

Anyway---thanks for the post Al. Props well given and well deserved! heartpump

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A couple of things amaze me about Eric's career and talent.......:

Other than Lennon/McCartney...who has had a more varied spectrum of artists cover his songs? Eric has had Shirley Bassey to Frank Sinatra to Axl Rose and Motley Crue cover his music. People will know of Eric's compositions LONG after we are all gone.

If you ask musicians about seminal rock/pop acts...raspberries is ALWAYS up the list as far as influences.

Eric's singing voice, especially in Raspberries, defined power pop.

His effin' hair! grin

You want rock...may I submit "Tonight"...you want Power Pop......I submit "Ecstacy, GATW, IWBWY..........ballads...."Duh Winning"........one can throw a dart at any one of his albums and hit a great ballad.

I guess on some level we are collectively pissed that ec isn't acknowledged as genius in all circles....but then again it says a lot about all of us that we know the truth.

okay...carry on... cool

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Wendy, you made me cry when I read your post. I feel entirely the same way.

And John, you really hit home with your analysis of Eric's music and career.

When I saw the date on the title of this thread, March 13, 1976, I immediately thought of the magnitude of how such a musical accomplishment from so many years ago, could still be making an undeniable impact on the world of music today. My mind also drifted to thoughts of how we are rapidly becoming a society increasingly entrenched in instant gratification. Sadly, music is no exception. To some extent, we all seek the instant gratification of a catchy or moving tune to lift our spirits, or to touch us personally in some way on an emotional level. For music lovers, those things will never change. What I feel has changed with most of the trends in music today, is what happens tomorrow. What happens when an artist can't top the antics of their last jaw-dropping stage performance? What happens when an artist can't possibly show any more skin or display another dance move that is not quite as seductive as their previous video? What happens when, God forbid, an artist has to rest on the laurels of vocal and musical ability?

What's happened to real music and thought-provoking lyrics? You know, the kind of music you had to delve a little deeper in to really appreciate. The type of music that made you stop, reflect, and feel. No instant gratification here. How many of today's artists honestly have the true talents to stand the test of time? Not many, in my opinion.

Thirty-five years ago, Eric touched the world with his mega-hit single, All By Myself. In truth, Eric had already touched the hearts of so many others with his music, long before that historical day.

As evidenced with the performance of All By Myself last week on American Idol, Eric's music is still making an impact on countless listeners today. Congratulations Eric, on your ongoing and immeasurable contributions in the art of music...yesterday, today, and tomorrow! I'm confident, as long as I have ears and the ability to listen, Eric's music will forever have a place in all of the tomorrows I'm granted to awaken to here on this Earth. Lucky me. And lucky you. What a priceless gift for all of us here, who refuse to forget the great fortune of our exposure to timelessly superb music. I don't know about you, but I never want to take quality music like Eric Carmen's for granted.

Originally posted by Wendy-Ann:

But if I may be so bold, it appears that with Eric, he seems to take what is deep down in his soul, sometimes even tucked away in his heart, and begins exposing himself in a way many of us would run from.

So true, Wendy. As you stated, many would run from the raw emotion Eric shared so openly and unselfishly with his listeners. Ironically, you know what the best part is? Even after all this time...Eric's music is still right there waiting...waiting for anyone who allows themselves to accept such an amazing and deeply personal gift...from Eric to us.

For well over 35 years, Eric Carmen's music has proven to truly be the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Eric.

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Guest Fresh

There is hardly a period of more than 2 or 3 days that I don't hear ABM playing on a radio, or in a store, or in a tv show. Simply a HUGE American standard. I think of it as Eric's "Mona Lisa".

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