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Drew Carey: Friend Or Foe?


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I'm heading out on my BIG trip to Hawaii to sail aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln next week. On Tuesday, I'll be in LA for the day and got tickets to see the Price is Right.

Obviously (or so I think), anyone who goes to see The Price Is Right would love to hear the "C'mon down" call: Eric, or anyone, do we know if Drew is a Raspberries or Eric Carmen fan? From what I understand, everyone gets interviewed by the producers prior to the show so they can determine who would make a good contestant....and I'm looking for an angle!!!

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What a raw deal! They had the show overbooked by 50 people but had everyone wait for 2 hours before sending us losers home, who only got there an hour early instead of five, I guess. Good thing I had a backup plan with tickets to see the sitcom, Rule of Engagement. Now that was fun and entertaining. As far as Price is Right is concerned... It Sucks!!!

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