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No, Belle, I didn't. He was a REALLY funny, witty guy. He was like a sweet stand-up comic, no kidding. He was unassuming and self-effacing and very humorous, so I thought, this is ONE guy I WOULD ask home! He had "sweet and harmless" written all over him!

It was the '70s, and you know how "free and easy" sexual mores were back then. He probably had tried it before with women who thought it was funny and complied. He just probably didn't know he was going out with someone who wouldn't think it was humorous at all.

His name was--no kidding--"Charlie Brown." Don't know where he is or whatever happened to him. Maybe he tried the same thing on some woman who thought it was cute and wound up staying and marrying her. To "Mrs. Brown," wherever you are, I hope he's as entertaining after many years of marriage, and that you also kept your sense of humor. LOL


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I went on a blind date twice and I shutter to think of either one of them. You would think I would have learned after the first one, but the second one was set up by a close friend of mine and even she didn't know this side of him. I thought that since he was in his 50's I was safe, There just seems to be something about the word divorced connected to a woman that men think you are easy! We went to see a movie and have dinner at the Waterfront in Homestead, PA. The first question out of his mouth at dinner was "so how was sex between you and your husband". I'm like excuse me!!!!! I told him I did not think that was any of his business. He proceeded to fill me in with all the gory details of his sex life. I wanted to escape out the nearest exit, but the surrounding neighborhoods were very dangerous so I wasn't walking home from there. That's all this guy did through the whole movie was hit on me. I was trying to watch the movie and he started playing with my earring and I remember I turned to him with a scowl on my face and I wanted to say "grow-up, we are not teenagers at a drive in" Needless to say that was our first and last date! :twitch:

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