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My first "Subject" thread, and I'm not sure if I should put it in "Cartoon World" instead, but here goes-

Does anyone have a good/bad "blind date" experience you would care to share?

Here's mine: When I was 18-years-old a "friend" set me up on a blind date with a "nice guy". When he arrived at my place, I opened the door to a very good looking guy with killer eyes. By the way he smiled and acted, he seemed to approve of me too.

So far, so good-

We went to the area's "hot-spot" for drinks and dancing (drinking age was 18 then). We hit it off splendidly, and were thoroughly enjoying each other's company. After hours of this, I was starting to wonder if he was my "Mr. Wonderful", my Mr. Right".

So far, so good-

I think the wine started to hit him, as he began talking about how things had changed since he "got out". He was in a very relaxed mood, and admitted to me he was the gun-toting, masked bandit that had terrorized local merchants a few years previously! He had even robbed my brother (a bartender then) at gunpoint! He never actually hurt anyone physically, like that mattered, and he was finally caught and sent to prison. He "got out" of the pokey! So much for "Mr. Right"!

So far, Sooo Bad!

He was very nice to me that night, and a complete gentleman.

But...I NEVER SAW HIM AGAIN!! :twitch:

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Guest Fresh

I once went on a blind date with a younger sister of a co-worker back in grad-school days. She was very cute, about 4 years younger than I, and had a nice personality. We went to a movie and afterwards she wanted to go to this hotel that had a lounge with music. Well, the lounge was more like a typical bar, but the funny thing was when we walked in, EVERY GUY in the house knew her by first name and called out hello to her. She tried to act non-chalant, but there was more action going on with her and the other male patrons than there was on the dance-floor, and it was the Disco era!!! Our first and last date!

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An acquaintance of mine asked if she could give my phone number to a really good friend of hers. She and I were totally at different ends of the political spectrum but she said that he and I were alike on politics.

He and I talked on the phone for awhile but I realized he was very extreme on certain things that made me uncomfortable.

Now I'm not known for wimpy opinions on politics but this guy sounded scarey to me.

A little later I saw an article in the paper regarding a man who had worked for the government disarming bombs and was arrested for placing bombs around town and then disarming them to appear to be a brave hero and get his name in the paper. Guess who!

I called my acquaintance to thank her for trying to set me up with the local "mad bomber".

Her response? "Gee, I guess Mary was right. She said that he was regularly putting bombs in her mail box because she didn't want to date him anymore but I didn't believe her".

IMHO, dating someone that a friend or relative suggests could be a good thing. After all they know you well, but assess how sensible that friend or relative is.


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Guest Fresh

Tony, you are too sharp! So f@#$ing funny!! haha

Actually, her sister was hot, but was engaged at the time. She always asked me why things didn't work out with "Marie"(the younger sister), and I just tried to change the subject.

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Guest Rachan


My girlfriend was working a summer job & she had a huge crush on one of the guys that was "older".(he was 22 (?) we were about 17).

I went to her work to see what he looked like. He was cute enough,but not my type.

She called me later in the day to say he kept coming over & talking.I was happy for her,until she stopped after work & said he had asked her for my phone number.

I was not interested ,but she asked me to go out once with him to see "what he was really like"

(I had only been on a couple of very innocent dates at that point)

So he picked me up & we were supposed to go to the movies.

It was awkward,I wasn't really interested & was a little bit peeved that he didn't like my friend..

We were making uncomfortable small talk when he became really quiet.

He started to drive a little erratically...too fast..he seemed nervous.

I asked him if there was something wrong & he said "no",but he was visibly sweating . He was looking in his rearview & went through a redlight & I was really getting scared.I finally realized were being followed.

He told me "I need to take you home" & when we got back to my house he practically put his foot on my back & shoved me from the car.

The car behind us stopped...some very angry guy hopped out & was screaming "you $%#*&#!!!" He looked at me & yelled "I hope you realize your boyfriend is F'ing my wife"

(This was my first "real" date)

The guy I was with sped off & the one yelling hopped back in his car & took off after him.

I was left standing there stunned with my purse spilled all over...

I gathered up my cosmetics & what not & went inside my house (planning my future as a reclusive ,raging lesbian..haha)

Needless to say my assessment of this guy was major douchebag.

My girlfriend said he was out of work on monday,but showed up tuesday with his face pretty darn busted up....

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Hey, postponing dating is very different than switching teams!

I didn't officially date in high school, but that is because my parents were strict, and I had nosy neighbors. Once a boy I only knew as a friend drove me home late from a party, and the whole neighborhood was gossiping the next day, saying that I had a boyfriend, since the driver was observed by the neighborhood spies at their windows.

After that I became paranoid of whoever I might be seen in a car with!

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Hey, Blonde Velvet, That was living dangerously! What a nightmare! I was only brave like that once, and the guy (totally sweet and funny) came back to my apt. We were sitting there listening to my stereo (Raspberries, of course!) and I went to the bathroom. When I came back, he was gone. I thought that was very strange, but shrugged my shoulders and locked the door. I went into my bedroom and turned on the light and almost jumped out of my skin. There he was, in my bed, under the covers, with his clothing on the floor!

After asking him (I'm sure I was yelling!) what the hell he was doing and telling him to leave, he just shrugged his shoulders and while I looked the other way, put his clothes back on. He seemed completely docile, and mumbled something like, "Well, it was worth a try." As he walked out the door, he said, "Well, it just goes to show you..." I asked, "What?" He answered, "You get where you're going--and there you *are.*"

I'm very lucky he was a harmless guy. Or at least I THINK he was...Now I wonder if he ever robbed a bank.

Blind dates, I think, are best set up by family and friends...who LIKE you.


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Guest Fresh

I went on a date(not a blind date, a student in my Genetics class during senior year at Rutgers) with Allison. She was attractive and very smart, but after one date I realized why she sat by herself most of the time...she never used deodorant! No lie...she got in my car and in seconds I could smell her, and I actually got a little sick to my stomach. I would never insult her with a comment, so after I dropped her off, I just avoided her at every class. I hope SOMEBODY eventually clued her in!

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Whoa! Reminds me of some guys I met after my divorce.

It's very hot in the summer in the San Joaquin and Sacramento valleys and some of the guys smelled like mildew. I think they left their clothes in the washing machine too long before putting them in the dryer because it wasn't BO (do they still use that expression?).

Women's sense of smell is supposed to be more acute than a man's and I appreciate it when a guy smells good (not too much cologne, please).

I's not easy to tell someone he or she regularly smells a bit "off" but imho a close friend should do it.


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