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Would someone please explain


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how any sports team can be ahead or behind by 1/2 a game? I've never seen any team play half a game so how does that work? Thanks!!

Here's how it works:

Let's say on the first day of the season the Yanks play the Sox,

and the Yanks win. The Yanks are 1-0 and the Sox 0-1. In this case Boston is 1 game back. In baseball, that means they have lost one more game and won one fewer.

If the next day, the Yankees lose and the Red Sox don't play, the Yankees are 1-1 and the Sox are still 0-1. Now the Sox are only 1/2 game back, because they have won one fewer game, but have the same number of losses.

That's how it works, not saying it makes perfect sense.

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What is frustrating in hockey is that while there is an incredible race between slots 3-12 in the Western Conference (only eight will make it) they have added the "three point game". You used to get two points for a win, one for a tie, none for a loss. Now, both teams get a point if it's tied after regulation and a EXTRA point is given to the team that wins in overtime or shoot out. So, you are still beating your competition, but you are only getting a one point advantage instead of two. With a race like this, the playoffs seem to have started in January instead of April, as every point is crucial to making the playoffs.

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I think the reason the NHL went to the extra point in OT was to make the OT more exciting. It gives the teams more incentive to actually play for the win, instead of "going through the motions" to protect the original 1 point they received after regulation. OT used to be as exciting as watching grass grow, IMHO.

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