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Eating "weird" things/combinations


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I posted the following on my Facebook and am getting a decent response, so I thought I might post it here and see what happens, lol.

You know that "odd" combination of items that you eat that others wrinkle their nose at or say "EWWWWWWWW", yet you think it tastes great? What is that something you eat that is just the "oddest" combination (in most other's eyes, lol)?

One of mine is a piece of cold chicken fried steak on a biscuit with grape or blackberry jelly...a salty/sweet thang smile

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Lori, I keep being told that my tastes will change and so far I'm happy with the "salsa situation". I also eat about 3lbs of melon per week. I'm just thankful that it's available here year round.

One of my nieces (Kaydie) is always asking me about cravings. She would love to see me tuck into something like a pickle topped with ice cream. I hate to disappoint her, but I am so not there... haha

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My wife has 4 other siblings. Her only brother was the last to marry. We had a BBQ to 'welcome' his fiancee.

At some point during the meal, one of us started putting whipped cream on potato chips and started passing them around. Nobody let on that this was the first time any of us had tried this. We carried on as if it were a family tradition. It took Evelyn a little while to eat hers but, truth be known, they were good!

When we finally let her in on the joke, everybody had a good laugh haha

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My older brother used to eat Rice Krispies poured into a bowl filled with hot black coffee for breakfast. It looked soggy and bitter to me, though I actually never tried it.

Others often say "yuck" when I eat plain food, without sauce or condiments. I prefer the natural taste of individual foods, not the mixed combinations. For example, I will pour myself a bowl of pasta before the sauce is added, because to me it tastes better plain. I like plain baked potatoes, yogurt without toppings, and sandwich ingredients separately but at a restaurant I sometimes eat the whole thing together since I admit it is harder to eat the lettuce separately if it is grated. I despise the taste of mustard or mayonaise and will not eat a food that has these spreads on them because it is impossible to scrape it all off (the pungent odor gets into the other foods). I also don't like barbeque sauce, soy sauce, sour cream, vinegar, pepper, the list goes on and on.

When I order "plain salad, no dressing" at a restaurant, waiters call it "dry" salad, but I disagree since lettuce is moist by nature.

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What the heck is left to eat???!!! smile

I could drink soy sauce,eat mustard with a spoon & we put garlic on everything but our cereal in this house!!

I love all the "extra's"

I have a friend who when he orders a burger always specifies "no pickle" (I love pickles) If it comes with a pickle slice on it he send the whole burger back because he says it has "Pickle stink" & he can't eat it.

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Paulie, My cousins loved mayonnaise and banana sandwiches when they were kids. Ugh! I never even tried it but they devoured them. I loved plain mayonnaise sandwiches as a child though. And up to 7 months ago would suddenly crave them at 2 AM when I had a migraine headache and couldn't sleep because of the pain. I would eat them and drink cola. And...it would often relieve the pain. Must have been subconscious comfort food from when I was a kid.


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Peanut butter amd potato chip sandwiches are pretty good, haven't had one for a long time, but I'm sure I'd still like it. I got my daughter to try one and she ate them for awhile after that. It's not really an odd combo tho.

I don't even like to sit at the same table with mustard, pungent is putting it mildly.

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I was watching "Top Chef: All-Stars" last night and one of the chefs made "Deep-Fried Mayonaise" for Paula Deen!

Another one of the contestants made a dish that combined Pulled Pork and Fish.

I used to take a group of church boys on their camping outings. We had an annual event with roughly 3000 kids from around the state (only about 400 men to handle them). One year I got the idea of making a "Hobo Stew". I had each of the 30 boys we took bring a canned vegetable. We had a huge kettle set up over a campfire, each of the boys opened their can and dumped in the contents. I'm talking lima beans and corn and tomatoes and black eye peas and green beans and canned potatoes... you name it... We added chopped up beef hot dogs and a couple packs of sliced kielbalsa. It simmered over the campfire for about 3 hours while the "outpost" was at the evening event...

Well, to be honest... when I told the parents what I planned, they were all skeptical that anybody would eat it. But they went along. By the time we got to eat it, the boys demolished it. They could not get enough of it and every year after that, they were always asking if we could make "Hobo Stew" again!

The old adage is true... if you're hungry enough, you'll eat it. laugh

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