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Try to Eat Healthy with These Prices


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This is ONE of the reasons obesity is so prevalent...GOOD ,Healthy food is expensive!

People on lower or fixed incomes are filling up with the cheaper starches...Less expensive comfort foods.

I'm at the market every sunday for my "Big" food order,but throughout the week to get fresh veggies.

When one of my daughters friends has dinner with us I hate to put the fresh veggies on their plate. Their families don't buy them so they look at me like I'm nuts.(then I wind up throwing their share out)

Between gas & food it's scary

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As a single father of four that makes dinner for them every night, it's a real challenge to eat "healthy" but stay affordable. Everyone says to eat healthy, but just yesterday while shopping, I see a case of pop that will last my family a week for four bucks compared to a small bottle of pomegranite juice, that won't last dinner, for seven dollars. A gallon of 2% milk is $2.29, a gallon of soy milk is $7.49. Which would you buy? Some of these suppliers are going to price themselves out of the food industry.

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First off...God Bless ya... Cooking for four kids every night.

If I see my husband near the toaster I get nervous he's going to hurt himself.

You are absolutely right...they overprice the healthier items & it makes it a difficult purchase at times.

I still buy junk..we have kids over all the time & there is no way they are going to be happy with orange juice!

I buy soda's,pretzels ..it's cheaper to bake cookies.

Financially it is much easier to eat less healthy.

I live for the summer when I can grow my own veggies!

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As the article mentions, I can live without Cheez Whiz and Cranberry Juice, but it seems like all types of food have gone up in price.

At home, and especially important when there are guest kids over, I never put food on plates, to avoid waste. I put food into a big plate in the middle of the table and serve "family-style".

Not only the cost but many people don't realize all the hard work that goes into making healthy meals.

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As with any other business, the case for high food prices can be made without difficulty. Pick your reason:

Gas prices are going up- it affects our transportation costs.

Too much rain and snow ruined (fill in the blank) crop.

Corn is high because ethanol of production.

The wheat crop yield is less because of global warming.

And the list goes on and on.

True story- One time in the very early 70's, I was working in a grocery store as a clerk...for some unknown reason, a 5 pound bag of sugar had reached unheard of prices. After telling about a hundred ladies that I didn't know why sugar was so high, I was tired of saying "I don't know." When the next customer asked me why sugar was so high, I replied "Haven't you heard? Hawaii is sinking!" She was o.k. with that- I guess she just wanted to hear a reason haha

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Thank God (or Allah?) in my area for the price competition (or war) between all the Arab markets that have opened up from all the Middle East immigrants getting a taste of free-market capitalism. The meat and produce prices are great bargains and if you take the time to pick carefully, the produce is just fine, and half the price of the major union supermarkets.

"If you can't beat 'em, Jihad-join 'em!" cool

Actually, many of them are Christians too...

Only their yummy pistachio nut-nouget candy at $5.99 a pound seems a little high...

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