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Eric Carmen: Marathon Man - eBook!


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I'm reading it for the first time.

The eBook was a wonderful idea. I had bid on the book several different times on ebay & was always outbid. Last year someone listed the Hardcover edition & had their starting bid at $700 !!(they didn't sell it)

I'm enjoying the heck out of it. It contains so much information I was unaware of. It's really entertaining.


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You've got it exactly right... when you sign up with smashwords and buy a book there, you can access the books you purchase and are able to download them to any device. You also have the ability to read them right there at the website on whatever computer you're on or wherever you happen to be. Pretty cool.


What the devil is SMASHWORDS?,I live in a 60s and 70s time capsule man!

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I did it. I bought a Kindle. And just made my first 2 e-book purchases - "Chesapeake", James Michener....and "Marathon Man".

I read the first edition of "Marathon Man" when it came out....it was really good.

I look forward to reading this one too.


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Thanks Bessie.

So far I love the Kindle. It's light and comfortable in your hands. You can read with the lights off in your house (this is so nice, I didn't realize how peaceful it is to read in the dark). The font against the Kindle screen is a better look to the eyes than a book page....and the obvious benefit - it travels much lighter than books. The only drawback is in certain books I read I like to highlight (I bracket) extensively. You can do this with the Kindle, but not as easily as a pencil to a book.

Overall I'm now a Kindle-ite. Though I still love books and will continue to buy some.

Anyway, buy a Kindle! That's an order. And buy "Marathon Man". That's an order too!

You'll love Raspbernie's book about our favorite musician. It's a great book!..


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Guest Fresh

I haven't yet gotten to the point where I want an electronic book. I can see the advantages, but I really want to limit my dependence on power-consuming electronic displays for all of my sensory input. I am slow to accept certain things, and slow to discard proven technologies.

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On our last trip I took the Ipad because the ipad has many more features and my kindle is linked to it, it seemed like the oblivious choice.

While the ipad is fun, for reading the kindle's screen is much better, it's also lighter and easier to hold.

I still buy traditional books since Kindle does not have every book I'm interested in reading.

It's so much better than hauling heavy books in my carry on.

I'll look into getting Marathon Man

I do wish the kindle had color capabilities. Does anyone know about the Nook and how it compares?

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