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True Eric in person story


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Haven't been on in awhile, but I wanted to share this story of meeting Eric a few years ago and what he did for me.

He and David Spero appeared at a preseason baseball game here in Fort Myers, Fla. around 1998 or so, No..Eric did Not sing the anthem alone, he joined in with several people on the mound to do so.

I had heard he might appear, so I brought my EC first solo album and a video camera with me. Well there was my idol wearing a Cleveland Indians uniform signing autographs along a rail. I was madly in love at the time with a girl named Darlene, and our favorite song was "Love is all that matters"..I asked Eric to sign the album, he did..and I then asked him if he would look into my video camera and say.."Darlene..love is all that matters", and..he did indeed do so....I played the video for her later that night and it was a magical moment I obviously never forgot..she and I didn't last, but the special day and what Eric did for me will forever...For those of you who never have had the pleasure of meeting this talented and tender-hearted man as I have a few times...I have 2 words for you.."CLASS ACT"...

The video is somewhere I hope in my storage unit..I'll try to dig it up and post it here in the future.

Just wanted to share..Dean

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Absolutety...I will dig the tape up..it's pricelss to any EC fan, but per Eric's request, he'll get the full copy of the day to share with his family,but there is plenty to see and enjoy that I can edit in and would be glad to share..it's a rare glimpse of him playing the game he loves and the special moments he gave me and other ec fans there that day..I am sure you will all enjoy and get a kick out if it!


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