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Raspberries T-Shirt Question

John P

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Where do you think is the best place to wear a Raspberries T-Shirt? Where you can get the thumbs up from people or let it spark a good conversation with someone. Any particuliar concerts from any particuliar artists? Share your experiences. With the exceptions of Raspberries concerts.

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I think a great place to wear a Raspberries T-shirt would be a 70's music concert. There would be a chance to find other fans in the audience, and I'll bet you'd get great comments.

An interesting place would be at a concert of modern music, so you could explain who the Raspberries are and introduce them to the young people.

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The night I went to see Eric and Ringo I was wearing the custom shirt I had made up for that night. On the front it read, 'Ringo's Cool'; on the back it read 'But Eric Carmen Rules!'

I left so early that I didn't get the call from the box office that the show was cancelled. There was a mom and her kid who had come from Bakersfield that showed up at the box office the same time as me. Nobody was in a great mood after hearing the show was cancelled, but they both gave me a dirty look after I showed them my shirt! My work was finished, also :D

Actually, I was allowed to enter the venue and have a moment of mourning at my seat...I know, strange request. In the "It's a small world' category, that same venue (with a different name) hosted one of the Raspberries reunion concerts that I saw in 2007! Karma?

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