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Guess who I had a beer with earlier today?


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I thought you all would appreciate what happened to me earlier today.

I am a hugh Berry fan along with Springsteen and Led Zeppelin. I got to meet the boys at the first reunion concert but have never met Bruce or any of the remaining Zeppelin members.

I am in Atlanta for a professional conference. Staying downtown. I get a call from some colleagues to join them for lunch at a little hole-in-the-wall Irish pub near the hotel. I walk over and there are about a dozen or so folks in there including a few guys at the bar. The colleagues I meet are young females and they are rating the guys at the bar. They start to giggle at one old guy wearing these cool red shoes. You can only see the back of his hear...curly blond hair pulled back in a pony tail.

I go to the bar to get a beer...and I say to the old guy hey my friends like your shoes...he laughs and mumbles something in a thick english accent. I look at his face..IT IS ROBERT PLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then become a giggling 12 year old. I am stunned speechless. The bartender looks at me and smiles....suddenly the other guys at the bar realize that this is THE ROBERT PLANT!! I run back to my booth and grab my cell phone...by that time he is posing with the bar crew for a photo...I snap a pic he shakes our hands and boom he is put the door!

The young women with me were...who is he????

Lets see...his lyrics/band are in the pantheon of super super super stars.

How cool was that for a Saturday afternoon! I checked his website and sure enough he has a concert in Atlanta tonight.

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Good for you Tommy.

BTW I was the house DJ at a bar/club in Asbury Park in I guess the early 80s. I think The River had just came out and Bruce showed uo at the bar to have a drink. I had him sign my copy and I still have it.

But nothing beats having Eric Carmen sing "Happy Birthday to you" in person on your birthday October 13, 2006 and my #@$!'n video camera wouldn't work. It bothers me to this day.

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