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EC.com Garage Sale!


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Thanks to everyone who bid and congratulations to the winning bidders. There were lots of TERRIFIC RARE items in this year's auction! Once again, it was a great success. I really appreciate the support and you can look forward to more AMAZING things happening here at EricCarmen.com in the year to come!


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I dunno, Craig. Last year, I 'watched' every item, so I knew what they sold for...didn't get a chance to do it this year.

I did win a CAR, however psych I had some bids scattered around the auction, and won the George Barris RollsWagon smile Some day, I'll get brave enough to build it and try my hand at recreating the Raspberry Rolls cool

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The bids really increased on the last day - the autographed Go All The Way print went up to $143.50 and the unreleased "Never Say Die" CD sold for $152.50!

The other items over $100 were the signed hardcover Marathon Man book and the autographed miniature guitar, and items that sold for over $70 were the Marathon Man softcover book, Eric's High School Yearbook, the 1978 Mike Douglas/Eric Carmen Master videotape, and each of the Raspberries 2005 Summer and Fall Reunion Tour Books.

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