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EC.com Garage Sale!


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The EricCarmen.com Garage Sale will start this Sunday (2/6) at 2pm EST and end next Sunday (2/13) on eBay. There will be 35 lots up for grabs and each has an opening bid of $1.00! All proceeds help support this website and keep it ticking, so find something you can't live without, or something you always wished you had, or just something for the heck of it and place your bid! There are some pretty cool items in this year's auction.


Good luck, everybody!


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Dream Item for EC.com Garage Sale

An Eric Carmen concert/show in someone's back yard.

Now there's an item that would cover your website expenses for a few years. (And the winner can cover his winning bid in the form of a cover charge for the event).

The bidding starts at _________

What would someone be willing to pay for something like this???

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Just wanted to remind everyone that the auction closes THIS SUNDAY! There are still a lot of GREAT items with insanely low bids! Until I came up with the idea for the auction, I paid for all of the costs associated with keeping EC.com online by myself. Now, with the Garage Sale, you guys not only get some GREAT memorabilia, but are able to help me out financially (This stuff costs money :-)

Thanks for your support and good luck to all of the bidders!


PS: Here's where the bids currently stand. Almost every lot is still at bargain-basement prices:

Eric Carmen: Marathon Man - RARE Softcover Book (2 Bids) $5.50

Raspberries - Eric's Set List from 1st Reunion Show (1 Bid) $1.00

Raspberries - Mike Douglas Show - 1973 Master Videotape (2 Bids) $5.50

Jim Bonfanti - Stage-Used Raspberries Drum Stick (4 Bids) $15.00

Eric Carmen - Original Guitar Center Receipts (0 Bids)

Eric Carmen - Autographed Miniature Fender Guitar (5 Bids) $26.02

Raspberries - Vintage Capitol Records Sweatshirt (3 Bids) $5.50

Eric Carmen - RINGO All-Starr Band Guitar Pick (1 Bid) $1.00

Raspberries - Set of 4 Reunion Concert Laminates (3 Bids) $5.50

Eric Carmen - RINGO STARR Press Conference Video (1 Bid) $1.00

Raspberries - Sunset Strip - Bruce Springsteen Promo CD (2 Bids) $15.02

Raspberries - Pre-Concert DVDs + VH1 "Hangin' With" DVD (2 Bids) $5.50

Eric Carmen - RARE 1985 Geffen Records Promo Sampler (0 Bids)

Eric Carmen - RARE "Under Cover" Promo 4-CD Set (2 Bids) $26.00

Raspberries - Stage-Used Set List from 2nd Reunion SHow (0 Bids)

Raspberries - RARE Original 1974 Concert Flyer (1 Bid) $1.00

Raspberries - Greatest Hits - RARE Capitol Advance CD (4 Bids) $26.32

3 Sealed Raspberries and Eric Carmen CD Long Boxes (0 Bids)

Raspberries - Barris Kustom Rolls/VW Rollswagen Model (6 Bids) $16.80

Eric Carmen - Mike Douglas Show - 1978 Master Videotape (1 Bid) $1.00

Eric Carmen - Unreleased "Never Say Die" Promo CD (2 Bids) $5.50

Raspberries - Greatest Hits - RARE BMG Music Club CD (4 Bids) $26.32

Raspberries - Berries Off The Vine - 1998 Concert Video (1 Bid) $1.00

Eric Carmen - 1967 Brush High School Yearbook (3 Bids) $5.50

Eric Carmen: Marathon Man - SIGNED Hardcover Book (9 Bids) $51.50

Raspberries - 2005 Summer Reunion Band/Crew Tour Book (4 Bids) $10.50

Raspberries - 2005 Fall Reunion Band/Crew Tour Book (5 Bids) $15.52

Eric Carmen - 4 SEALED Japanese Solo CDs + BONUS (0 Bids)

Raspberries - Every LP on 5 CDs + BONUS Autographed CDs (4 Bids) $26.32

Raspberries/Eri c Carmen - 11 Different Greatest Hit CDs (2 Bids) $1.25

Eric Carmen - Dirty Dancing Collection - 5 CDs (0 Bids)

Ultimate Raspberries/Eric Carmen CD Collection (2 Bids) $10.50

Eric Carmen - RARE "Winter Dreams" Sheet Music + BONUS,(1 Bid) $1.00

Eric Carmen - Autographed "Go All The Way" Print (3 Bids) $11.50

Eric Carmen - 6 Japan CD Singles + 3 BONUS CD SIngles (2 Bids) $5.50

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