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Anyone have any ROYAL CARRIBEAN coupons?


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To celebrate LADY TUNES' 40th birthday, I booked a cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line last night from work for a few weeks from now. I am a member of their Crown & Anchor Society which sends you coupons and offers. The Royal Caribbean lady told me I could apply those coupons afterwards but when I went home I couldn't find them (I am still moving in after 6 months and don't have erverything as organized as I would like). If anyone has any coupons they could share with me or put me in touch with I would be :liplick:

BTW the cruise leaves from Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday February 26. (Hey Angelina! Do you live near Ft. Lauderdale?)

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"Wow. No one here cruises Royal Caribbean?"

I do, but have no coupons. Will check with my traveling companion to see if she has any. Which cruise are you going on? Sounds like a 10 day-er.

No it's 7 day as I recall. Also as I recall the coupons were worth $75 to a coup[le hundred dollars or included goodies. Thanks John.

Hey John! I was just reminded of an old saying I used to use "Ignorance is always ignored"

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Tommy - Just got off the phone with my friend Shirl, who's also a Crown & Anchor member. She says she has no left-over coupons - always uses them on cruises, and she goes on 2-3 cruises per year. I've gone with her the last 3 years on Thanksgiving week cruises.

We're looking into getting on that new monster Allure of The Seas for something this Spring or Summer, assuming it's not fully booked months in advance.

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