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BGO Angel Release


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For fans of the hard rock band Angel (and I know there are several here), BGO records (the same company that recently released Eric Carmen's first three solo albums in one package) released a couple of years ago a similar package containing the first two Angel albums. It's really nice, with lots of historical liner notes. It's on Amazon for only $15 or so. A real bargain, pick it up!

EDIT: I now see there's a similar package with the 3rd and 4th Angel albums, also available for only $15. Here's what they look like:

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I just popped in the first Angel CD on my way to the supermarket. I haven't listened to it in probably 20 years. I do like it a lot, though the way the keyboards are used makes it seem a bit dated.

One thing I never noticed is how the band Triumph owes their career to this album. I've never heard any band borrow another band's sound so completely.

Even though Angel never really hit it BIG, they should be given their due as very influential in many ways. Their look obviously foreshadows hair bands of the '80's. I hear rumblings of what Journey would do a couple of years later with Steve Perry in some of this album. They really deserve credit.

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