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Backing Vocals On First Solo LP


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I've been listening to this album repeatedly since I first got it over the summer, and I kept feeling like there was something very unique about the sound that I couldn't quite pin down. I now think it's the backing vocals.

The way the backing vocals are recorded, it's very hard to make out individual vocal lines within the harmonies (compared to, say, the early Beatles, where it's very easy). The impression is more of a backing vocal texture, that creates a very effective bed for the lead vocals without challenging the dominance of the lead vocal.

I can't really explain it properly, but I was wondering if the understated backing vocals were done that way intentionally, and if so, what the goal was. It sounds great and very unique.

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Good LORD !!!! Just spectacular!!!!

The vocal arrangements are exquisite....the inversions of the voices are what clinches it all...not only that, but the chord structure (especially on My Girl) is quite complex....to sing harmonies that are 4 part (4 distinctive notes) is a very hard thing to do.....easy if they are major chords (example: C, E, G, C).....but very difficult when singing comple chords like 6ths, augmented, diminished, etc....

What baffles me a little is that Eric ( I think it was Eric) mentioned that he doesn't "have" a falsetto, yet some of the notes are quite high in register, and very softly sung...I would think impossible to do so with full voice!...Hmmmm??? Is that all you Eric or did you have someone singing the higher parts??? BTW, the bass voice is soooooo groovy!

Lovely Saturday morning listening...


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Tony Cartmill said:

Was there any electronic effects put on those backing vocals? How did they get so textured and blended like that?

Yeah, that's exactly my question. They really don't sound like normal backing vocals, it's very hard to pick out the individual vocal lines. Very unique.

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