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OLD Jewish Comedians


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The intro paragraph says it all...

The jokes of the Jewish Comics (who ALL got their start in the Catskill Mountain New York region immortalized in Dirty Dancing)...were without ANY vulgar words...and without ANY political correctness..."And That's Alright By Me".

I hope you can keep an open-mind and enjoy....

These jokes reflect a VERY special era and a VERY special culture IMHO!


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I love this...

( You know Ira, in Argentina we Adore Jewish Comedians a lot! )

Some of my fav. you posted:

- Q: “What's the difference between a Rottweiler and a Jewish mother? A: Eventually, the Rottweiler lets goâ€

- Someone stole all my credit cards b ut I won't be reporting it. The thief spends less than my wife did.

- The Doctor gave a man six months to live. The man couldn't pay his bill so the doctor gave him another six months.

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A joke from a brilliant man, a close friend, now deceased(Dr. Andrew Stone,electrical engineer, chiropractor,attorney):

How do we know that Jesus was a Jew?

1)He thought his mother was a virgin

2)He lived at home until he was 30

3)His mother thought he was God

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Andie...I'm amazed to hear that there is an appreciation of Jewish Comedians in Argentina.

So glad you got "Nachas"...(pleasure) from the old Jewish "Tumlers".

(Tumlers were the Jewish Social Directors at Catskills Resorts...who like Court Jesters...joked around and led group activities all day at these hotels and at night often hosted the evening shows.Danny Kaye..Jerry Lewis..and many others started as Tummlers.)

Fresh...What a shock...You've actually have had contact with that nearly non-existent breed...The Jewish Doctor!!!...only in Jew Jersey. whistle

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paulie..andie...Watch Jerry Lewis in this clip as he "Tummels" while Dean sings "That's Amore".

Jerry's whole act in those days was as a rehash of his days as a Catskills "Tummler" bringing everyone in the nightclubs into the act by prancin' around and annoying and interrupting Dean.

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Ira: first of all, JERRY LEWIS is one of my heros ever!

(and he is considered a GEnius in my country)

About Jewish Comedians, I could tell you lot of stories in my country; Jewish Comedians here are always taken as the Best.

There had always been a lot of jokes here, esp. about jewish mothers....a lot of jokes, parodies, tv shows, etc...

Then I'll tell you more... smile

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Andie...I'm amazed to hear that there is an appreciation of Jewish Comedians in Argentina...

Ira: Argentina is home to Latin America's largest Jewish population.

It is also the 5th largest Jewish population in the world.

The most important argentine TV producers, humorists, comedians, etc, (I dare to say) are 80 % from jewish or argentine-jewish family. Especially the TV-producers!! almost 90% jewish, I'd say...

The most funny here used to be a character "Susana Bronstein" (is actor-comedian Alfredo Casero, making a parody of a jewish mother "Mamele" that is always torturating her only daughter...very funny.

The "mamele" is always the victim, and manipulates her daughter...The iddish accent is always very funny too.

I should translate for you the dialogues into English.

Here an example, from the video I post below:

Mamele: (always with rough voice tone) Hello daughter...

daughter (with her nice voice) Hi Mame. How are you today?

Mamele: Ninety-seven percent dead...it's is posssible that I don't survive this day, this afternoon...I calculate that between 5:45 and 6:00 PM I will fall into a very depp Depression Hole...but it won't last long, So daughter don't you worry about me..., cause at 9:00 o'clock PM I'll pass away, and around eleven I'll be being buried in the Tablada (jewish Cemetery)...Don't you worry daughter...

daughter (very worried) No, Mame, don't say that please...


Mamele: ...You know (daughter) you ruined my life...I could not be the "classic dancer" I wanted to be because I got pregnant of You!

etc, etc...haha

On the other side, the Jewish mothers here are not very different from the Italian mothers! and sometimes some italian mothers (like mine, for instance) are even more "rottweiler" than jewish mothers...)

(AVENTURINEdoes knoe this comedian Alfredo Casero, he's famous in Japan too...)

Here, Mamele at her "Freudian Therapy" session...torturating the therapist of course...haha!

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On more thing, in Buenos Aires the 60 per cent of the population is under Freudian Analysis (weekly therapy), or any other therapy, but 'Freudian' is still the most important till today in Argentina. Me included, more than 10 years being in Analysis.

And most of the freudian therapists here are from argentine-jewish families...

The most beloved American Comedian is WOODY ALLEN...another genius here, an Icon, one of the greatest of all times...

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Andie...That was great...even as we speak (Cyber-sorta)...I'm forwarding this thread to my brother Dr. David Sperling..who is a leading authority in "Semitics"...the history...language and culture of the ancient Middle-East and he's a leading Rabbinical Scholar in The Reform Movement of Judaism as well. smart

(BTW-He's the guy who sent me the jokes that I started the thread with.)

Thanks again Andie.

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These guys are REALLY old:


Al Shean was the Marx Brothers' UNCLE!

You've heard the bit at the link before, run the verses through and you'll pick up the cadence and the melody.

My favorite verse:

Shean Oh, Mr. Gallagher, Oh, Mr. Gallagher

In New York the girls wear such alluring styles

At 42nd and Broadway

You could find me every day

I used to follow them for miles and miles

Gallagher Oh, Mr. Shean, Oh Mr. Shean

Here in Egypt they have styles I've never seen

All up and down the Nile

the girls wear nothing but a smile

Shean That's why I'm here, Mr. Gallagher!

Gallagher That's why I'm here, Mr. Shean!

In laughter,


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Some of my favorite Jewish comedians:

Benjamin Kubelsky

Nathan Birnbaum

Moses & Jerome Horwitz

Louis Feinberg

Julius Marx

Milton Berlinger

Joseph Levitch


PS (from the New York Times, no less):

Most children watching "The Three Stooges" didn't realize it, but an understanding of Yiddish was required to get a lot of the jokes. In one episode, when Larry hears that Moe is heading to a hockshop, he says, "While you're there, hock me a tshaynik." What must have sounded like pure nonsense to most viewers was a Yiddish pun.

A "tshaynik" is a teakettle. "Hak," or "huk," comes from a verb meaning "to knock." What's the connection? Imagine a boiling teakettle. The more it boils, the emptier it gets, and the louder and more annoyingly the lid bangs. The very popular phrase "Hak mir nisht ken tshaynik" literally means "Don't knock me a teakettle." Figuratively, it means "you don't have to shut up completely, but I'd really appreciate it if you'd stop rattling on about the same damned thing all the time."


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Bernie..There's a GREAT episode where the Stooges somehow wind up in an Arab country.

They are in the sheik's harem.

The women are wearing veils.Curly persuades one of them to take off her veil.Turns out that she's she's ugly..to which Curly reacts with his classic "Nyaaaaaaah"!

Then he asks somethin' like "Hey toots where you from"?

"Brooklyn"..she replies.

To which Curly responds.."Oh..A Lantzmen"...which is Yiddish (Jewish) for "Paisan"..someone from the same place that you come from..or more likely a fellow Jew...

99% of everyone watchin' didn't get it...and that's the beauty .

For you Bernie..The Stooges teach us our vowels...A classic.

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Ira, there is also an episode of the 3 Stooges where someone says to the boys, I have a relative that lives in Egypt. Curley answers, I have an uncle who is a doctor in Egypt...he's a Cairo-practor!!!! You can imagine how much I love that line.

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