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I post this pic which I took/captured from a Youtube video "all by myself"--- because of the Eyes!

I've never seen before an image which expresses so clearly the soul of Eric, just through the eyes...

Hypnotic eyes for sure.

They seem to Trespass the image, somehow.

Just like "a moment" captured in a painting...it goes beyond any Time...As he was right here, right now, looking beyond the image.

Mistery eyes, expressing an Extreme intelligence as well as vulnerability, shyness, sweetnes, softness...The Unexpected Innocence!!

But, the mistery of all this, it's maybe the great contrast expressed...The Unexpected Strenght!! The light, energy waves into the eyes...

One can certainly see the inmense energy inside, just by looking through his very beautiful eyes! :thanx:

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...again, one of my favorites quotes which seems to express my feelings about the image:

"...Each sparking a 'supply of energy all its own'.

They were capable of so much magic. More than any magician's have ever wrought!

and now, Down through invisible halls of time

The world seems to stop.

And I am being visited by the angels,

For a while".

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