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"The King's Speech"


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Never thought I would find the Future Queen Elizabeth's mom to be so cute.....

I love Hollywood...It's the town that gave us 3!!! C.S.I's where EVERY secretary....lab tech...cop and secretary looks like a hot model.

Just like at my job. grin

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If there is no drug-addicted pathelogical psycho, or mass-murdering organized-crime boss, or a flamboyantly gay politician fighting the oppressive American system, or a topless hooker with a heart of gold as a main character...well,...What the Hell is this flick doin' being nominated for a "Hollywood" Oscar?

Must be a fluke...

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Tony...I think it's truly insensitive of you to pick on the poor poor Hollywood Gliterati who were so recently berated by that foreign dog Ricky Gervais.

I think a little discretion on your part would be in order.

Jeez..I'm suddenly struggling to get my tongue out of my cheek! :yikes:

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