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I GOT MILK!! Homage to Bernie on his Bday!!!


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I little decorum goes a long way... smile

I think Bernie will get the idea from these pictures - I don't want this to end up in "Cartoon World".



For Tim From Wisconsin...who watches over ALL those who stray on EC.com...I dedicate the following "Live" performance featuring our own Raspberries' "Overdub".. Billy Sullivan...

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Yes, Ira. Tim is the ever-watchful and vigilant reconnaisance man here, waiting for one of us to get careless and push the envelope too far, so he can become Tim the Enforcer! Don't cross Tim!

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Our "BIG BROTHER" TIM is totally right!

I've just took a look at the picture I had posted here a few days ago, and noticed it was really vulgar (I mean it had nothing to do with Berni's Honor), not a porno one, but...very close to that blush...My fault! blushgrin

Great moderator Tim, you Rock!! heartpump

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