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Foolin' Myself


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Hossy, I assume you were lucky enough to have been at those concerts :) Details, please!

I have contacted Bernie on that set list- there are also some songs that repeat themselves in the book for that set- I'm sure it's just an editing error. Thanks!

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YAMAHA world popular song festival was brosdcast to the Japanese whole country.

I watched the concert on the TV.

It is the order in broadcasting that Aventurine posted.

The order in the concert is as you posted,without "You need some lovin'".

Eric perfomed with the orchestra as Aventurine posted.

It was a very moving performance.

Do you understand my English?

Eric on the stage YAMAHA world popular song festival.

Does Eric still remember the impression at that time?

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Great photo, thank you,hossy!!!

I really enjoyed THE performance on TV.

I felt ... This is what real music that I want is !

This is the reason why I am here on EC.com.

Then I want to tell you, everyone !

Eric performed at The Nippon Budokan. It's very valuable and special place for Japanese.

I'd like to show you some quate from Wiki.

The Nippon Budokan, often shortened to just Budokan, is an arena in central Tokyo, Japan.

For many Westerners, the Budokan is synonymous with large-scale rock concerts. It was here that The Beatles made their Japanese debut and the location where many "Live at the Budokan" albums were recorded.

The Beatles were the first rock group to perform here, in a series of shows in June/July 1966; their appearances were met with opposition from those who felt the appearance of a western pop group would defile the martial arts arena.[2]

However, the Budokan gained worldwide fame when American artists Cheap Trick & Bob Dylan used the arena to record their concert albums, At Budokan (1978) and Bob Dylan at Budokan (1979), respectively. In explaining the popularity of the venue for live albums, Eric Clapton described the Tokyo audience as "almost overappreciative" in interviews promoting his own live Just One Night (1980), recorded at Budokan.

Other artists to release live recordings from this venue include:

Deep Purple for the last of the three concerts making up their Made in Japan live album

Tin Machine who recorded a portion of Tin Machine Live: Oy Vey, Baby

Quincy Jones, Live At Budokan (1981)

Dream Theater (who recorded a live 2DVD/3CD Live at Budokan)

Ozzy Osbourne (who filmed Live at Budokan)

Michael Schenker Group, One Night at Budokan (1982)

Oasis, Three Nights in a Judo Arena (1998)

Blur Live at the Budokan

Judas Priest Rising in the East (2005)

Bay City Rollers, Rollerworld, Live at the Budokan 1977

The original Beatles concert is heavily bootlegged on audio and video;[3] the first night's concert video was officially released by Apple in Japan only as Beatles Concert at Budokan 1966, and excerpts are included in The Beatles Anthology. Chatmonchy currently holds the record for the largest crowd at Budokan.

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Wow! Welcome hossy! Thank you so much for the clarification of the set-list when Eric performed at the Yamaha World Popular Song Festival, in Japan!

Most of all, thank you for the awesomely sexy photos :heartpump::heartpump: of Eric in Japan!

We look forward to any more contributions you might be able to share with us Eric :wub: lover's here!

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