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Have a great birthday! Hope it's relaxing and peaceful.

And while I'm at it... endless thanks for building this site. It's answered so many questions for me (and many others), considering all those years where Raspberries and EC news, information, and "gossip" was almost nonexistent, or at least really tough to find (even for music journalists). For fans, EC.com is, er, almost paradise.



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No video this year, but please know if I could have...I would have.

Thanks for the times that you were there for me when I burst into tears and the times that you shared with me when I *smiled.* It truly means so much, especially when I know you really care.

But most of all, I thank you for being *Bernie* and I wish you all the joy and happiness that this year will bring you.

I hope to see you soon---I will cross that LA county line for you! spin

With much love my wonderful friend...happy birthday! birthday


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That picture of Natalie Wood gave me a case of the vapors!


James influencing Eric!

Great! smilie

On the other hand, I must confess that's exactly what I feel ( some kind of vapors )everytime I see those photos where you ( Eric ) miss a couple of buttons on your shirt... blushheartpump

( It is okay that a woman can feel a 'case of the vapors'? )

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I can't believe I missed your special day. I was sick in bed since last Sunday. frown

I know you had a spectacular birthday, but am sending unending wishes for a perfectly SPECTACULAR and beautiful year, with nothing but the very very best coming atcha all year long!

You truly deserve it all, including your dreams come true, for making this "labor of love" all of OUR dreams come true! To a devoted, dyed-in-the-wool friend and stand-up guy, THANKS FOR ALL OF IT FOR ALL THE YEARS, and THANKS FOR BEING YOU! king

:)--Love, heartpump Dar

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