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From Japan to Eric


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I had many friends on EC.com. You are so great !!!

And I have my own blog(Sorry in Japanese). I made a lot of posts on my blog about Eric Carmen.

Then, I made freinds with some wonderful Eric fans !!!We communicate so often. Second Moon is the one of my freinds on my blog.

Here is the message from my friend to Eric.

In Japan, there are a lot of fans that love Eric now, and wait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Can you remember the pain when you got hurt in your leg

on the stage ?

It happened at osaka in 1982.3.

I saw you there just then.

It's true! please trust me!

I love you very much still now.

I hope you'll come back to JAPAN and please show us your

performance again.

I 'm waiting for you with Aventurine and many your funs,

from little diamond

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I thought I saw a clip of Eric performing in concert in Japan on YouTube.com, Aventurine, but... I cannot find it there anymore. Maybe it was something Bernie posted here at EC.com. Anybody else remember seeing that? I swear it was something like "Tonight You're Mine."

Anyway, I did find this little treat that I had not seen. If you haven't seen it either, enjoy. It's a video of Eric doing a lip-synch of "Change of Heart" for the Japanese TV show "Let's Go Young" (according to the You Tube person who posted it).

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I think you are correct, LC, but I can't find the video, either. Here's another video from the same YouTube account with Eric performing on a Japanese television show titled, "Music Fair", from 1980.

I've seen both videos before, LC, but these are the only Eric solo videos I can find currently with Japanese subtitles.

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Oh,Larry! That's great!!!

At that time, I was watched THIS show on the television.

And another his performance in Japan!

Never Gonna Fall In Love Again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOQvUSrIrcE

(Would you please help me to paste?)

From Japanese TV show "Music Fair". (Maybe 1980 Feb).

Japanese subtitles come out.

Of cause "music Fair" and "Let's Go Young" are also very famous national TV show!!!!

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I'm Sorry,I tryed sometime but I can't.....

Second Moon taught me in Japanese, but I can't...

Oh no!!!

Then I read Raspberries "TONIGHT" Page 42 yesterday.

"It was pretty amazing.....In fact,I'm more comfortable up on a stage then just about anywhere else. It's just there's a certain adrenaline rush right before you hit that first chord and that was really there for everybody"

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Wow,Sweet Elle!

Thank you!!! heartpump

I read again "Marathon Man" chapter 14 "Land of the Rising Sun" just now.

You are very welcome, lovely Adventurine! I was reading your mind across the miles, even before you posted your request winksmile!

I think I'll go get my "Marathon Man" book now, and peruse that very chapter!

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I introduce the comment from Eric's fan posted to my blog.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I didn't know Eric when he came to Japan at that time, though I was enchant with Eric and his singing voice recently. I bought all his CDs, and I watched Youtube posts about Eric !

I love his songs also Raspberries and solo !!!

I love his voice, appearance to playing the piano, guiter !!!!!

I’m so glad that I could known him and his songs !!!!

Why does his songs and his voice are so hot ?

Why do I come to like Eric and his songs more and more?Everytime ?


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  • 1 year later...

I got a mail from one of my freind.

She said that:

"Today is the 30th Anniversary for me!

It is the day when I went to the show

Rock Super Session in Osaka 30 years ago.

I'm proud of it!

It was great experience for me,

even now......"

Eric, I know you'll got a gift from her in this winter.

It is the photo book.

She send the book for you.

She never foget you, even now.

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