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Bad Hair Dye Job


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In my 55 years on this planet I've never dyed my hair...until yesterday.

What a mistake!!

I've got a job interview on Friday so my wife suggested SHE do some work on my salt and pepper hair...to make me look younger. I ended up looking like Eddie Munster!! I spent the last 36 hours trying every kind of home remedy to make me look less like Liberace and more like Sam Elliot (hey, I can dream!). None of 'em worked.

I ended up going to some 'coloring salon'. The last place on earth I ever imagined myself ever being!!! They said my hair was blue. Not black. Blue...like cobalt.

They got the blue out. But my silvers and greys are 99% gone, too. I like those guys!! I miss 'em! Now my hair looks like it's 1983 (minus the mullet).

Of course my wife is mortified. She's been doing her own hair for years. I still love her more than anything, though.

Thank God I'm 'between jobs' right now...I can hide in my house. It's probably not as bad as I think it is. And some day we'll laugh about this. I just need to tell somebody...and thought you guys might have similar stories to tell.


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I it's not funny for you...but that's really funny.

I love the "Eddie Munster" comparison.

My husband is 57.Alot of his freinds have dyed their hair & have been after him to do the same . I like his grey hair.

(I am responsible for a good amount of that grey!)

When I was in my early twenties I had a mishap & turned my hair a subtle yet frightening shade of green.

I still had to go to work & didn't know what else to do but match my clothes to my head....not a good idea.

I looked like gumby.

Thankfully a salon fixed it for me!

Grey doesn't absorb dye as easily as darker hair,so maybe it won't stick around for long & you can get back to your beloved salt & pepper look smile

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Been there, done that !!

There is a product available at Walgreens called "Color Oops". It will take the dye out of your hair and only takes 20 minutes. It works great! If you rather not venture out, wash your hair a few times with plain old dishwashing liquid. After a few washings, your hair will be back to normal.

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Hey Dave, I've flirted with the idea for years. The crazy thing is that my mustache and eyebrows are still dark while my hair is almost all silver. I thought I was some kind of freak until my sister showed my a picture of my Grandfather....yep....the same thing...dark mustache...dark eyebrows. I guess you can't fight your genetic code.

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I have brown hair that gets red in the summer from the sun. I wanted to be a blonde one summer. I did my hair myself and it come out looking like John Waite of the Babys(Isn't It Time). I didn't know I needed to strip it first. I had to go to a colorist quite a few times to tone it down. It did kinda look edgy, but that wasn't the look I wanted. I don't do my own hair ever! My husband was gonna let our daughter do his once, but I said NO. He went to our stylist with the box and asked him if it was the right color. It was nowhere near the color he wanted. So he now goes to get his done too! Our guy does it and leaves the right amount of grays so it doesn't look like he dyes it. I don't want ANY grays so I go full color. Almost all the men I know have their hair done. Nails too!

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I tried to color my hair blonde one time. I looked like I saw a ghost and everything went white.... at least that's what I thought at the time.

Now I just get a box of brunette color and cover all the gray/white that I have(most of that has been due to having a teenager - LOL!)

It's alot cheaper than going to the salon - I actually like to get a highlight(foil variety) but at $70 to start... that's not in the budget.

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Hair color disasters...I had one when I was 17 I dyed my hair black..I don't know what the hell I was thinking, My skin tone is white as a ghost...I tried to put red over it insane what a mess, I had to go to the salon to have it stripped.

But I do my own hair, have for years..no more problems..I am currently a blonde, I have been a brunette and a redhead,at different times of my life...blonde covers the gray better in my opinion wink ..

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It will grow out and the scariness *will* pass.

I went to my regular salon for a touchup and Valerie wasn't in.

A new girl colored my hair and she read directly off the card Val had for me.

The problem was, Val knew my hair inside and out. She uses her own recipe to tone down grey in certain areas--toners named colors like "violet," "green," "gold," etc. But she's like a fine chef. She just looks and "tosses in" ingredients she sees that she needs. She never wrote any of it on the card.

I knew there might be a problem when the girl began calling the shop owner over and having lengthy discussions, then mixing in more color. I didn't pay much attention and couldn't tell much from the lighting in the salon.

When I got home, Herman said, "Your hair is GREEN! And LAVENDER in places!" The opening of school was just days away.

I called the salon and they said "She used too much violet and that they could "redo it." I passed on that because I was afraid with more chemical, my hair would fall out!

I called another salon for "color correction," which only meant redoing it also. When they assured me my hair would not fall out, I had them "correct it."

I went to school in an updo that concealed the green and lavender places, and even the "light orange," which also appeared in places after the "correction."

As I explained to everyone I saw, they basically said they didn't even notice.

It grew out. So... your "salt and pepper" charm WILL be back soon!

:)--Love, Dar

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I don't have a hair story but I do have a hairy eyebrow story.

I loved waxing eyebrows and was pretty good at it if I do say so myself.

One of my manicure customers was very pretty but her eyebrows were kind of bushy, so when she said she was going to be the maid of honor at a friend's wedding I said "Why don't you let me shape your eyebrows?"

She said "Sure".

Well, everything was going just great until I dropped a bead of hot wax right in the center of her left eyebrow.

I almost threw up, actually.

Removing the wax removed some of the eyebrow with it and she had one normal sized eyebrow and two little one's.

I said to her (not having the guts to tell her about the bald spot above her eye) "You may need to use a little eyebrow pencil" as I filled it in.

I thought I would never see her again but a few weeks later she asked me to do them again but requested I "don't take off quite so much this time.

Later on she asked me if I wanted to double date with her and her boyfriend and Englebert Humperdink after one of his shows. I said no thanks, though I loved his voice.

This was a long time ago btw.


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I don't know what "low-light" means but his hair looks just fine as gray in this picture.

It's opposite of high-lighting one's hair. Making it appear darker by pin pointing areas of the head and not all over, like dye would do.

And Michael Landon was prematurely gray and explained that's why he used a low light technique for his hair.

Here are 2 pics below.

He was one gorgeous man, no matter what color his hair!

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