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Marching Band

HT from Mo

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I have to brag just a little.....

My daughter is a 1st year member of her high school marching band - Grain Valley Marching Eagles. We attended her end of season band banquet this afternoon and it was very nice and relaxed.

She received her first varsity letter, band pin and certificate! We are very proud band parents!

This band has had a fantastic marching season, having placed 1st in their division - 4A at each competition and placing in the top 5 overall after finals! This just shows the level of commitment and dedication that these kids exhibit on and off the field!

Anyone else here a band member/parent? Love to hear about the experiences!


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Guilty as charged...4 years in Marching band with letter and sweater. The guy who stood next to me and played slide trombone was Alan Pasqua; he was a year ahead of me. He went on to tour with several top acts as keyboard player, including Bob Dylan. He was also the bandleader for the late night show "Thicke of the Night" that starred Alan Thicke, whose sister is a chiropractor. Talk about degrees of separation.

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