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I thought it would be fun if people shared a personal thought about the Beatles.

(Everyone's got feelings about the Beatles.)

Here's one of mine.

Though I'm not a musician...I sense that the scope and breadth of Beatles music is SO vast...."Revolution" to "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" to "Let It Be" to "Within You Without You"...to "Act Naturally"...

I don't think ANY act in the Rock-Era touched nor showed as much proficiency and/or growth in SOOO many different musical genres.

Now please share a Beatle thought..positive or negative.

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For me, besides changing my young life, it is the pure un-adulterated joy they brought to the world with their music and sense of humor. Their image...Left-handed Paul on the right...George in the middle....John on the left....and Ringo behind them, sitting up on the riser....that image is permanently etched in my brain forever. We'll never see the likes of them again.

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A couple of days ago I was taking my niece and 3 year old great nephew out to run errands. I had my Siirius radio on and the Beatles 'Help' came on. To my surprise my little nephew yells out, Mommy, the Beatles. I looked at my niece and said to her, how does he know them..he's only 3 yrs old. She says his 12 year old step brother is a huge fan and has been turning him onto their music.

This just goes to show what a huge musical influence the Beatles were and continue to be to this day...their music spans generations...they truly were/are 'THE FAB FOUR' cool

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For you young-uns...The Beatles were SO big in 1964-1965...there were times they had multiple songs in the Weekly Top-10...and 77-WABC in NYC..the most successful radio station of all-time...christened itself W-A-B(eatle)-C!

Those were the days my friend!

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I fell in love with their music because of my brother Greg who exposed me to it when I was tiny.

All I know is Paul was the first "boy" I ever had a crush on (and thought I loved) and the only (famous) guy on my bucket list who I dreamed about meeting and haven't. Maybe I will, maybe I won't...I'm ok with it though.

I don't think the Beatles are the "end all" to music like I did when I was younger, but I still enjoy dancing and singing their songs.

Great music...

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The Beatles were a killer live band....considering the cheapo equipment they had back then....what they had was the ability to groove...and the incredible ability to compose....and of course they had George Martin who was able to put their vision on vinyl...

Paul: an incredible vocalist and composer who is really a broadway/stage composer hidden in a rockers body...Paul also has the gift to let the music flow through him without a hindrance....there is no thought when he plays and sings...only purity of music

John: An angry man who could have expressed it through other channels, but chose music and word...a good musician, but a better song-writer. I think drugs took John from us for a long while and it showed. Without someone like George to organize his words and music correctly, John would have been a failure to our ears. He was really messed up and his music reflected how messed up he was. George and Paul put it in order for us to hear the depth of his anger and pain....often the anger and pain we all suffer from....he spoke volumes to us differently than Paul did.

George: A gentle soul with little to say verbally.. George has incredible musical ears and chose string instruments to talk to us....his lyrics and voice where a vehicle necessary to make records and make a living. A Painter using a guitar...to me one of the greatest guitarists and a good song-writer.

Ringo: Ringo seems to pale as a musician against these three colossal guys....Ringo is a human clock...having a drummer that can keep time is so rare. He did it without even hearing the rest of the band. A style of his own, with a great sense of humour.

The Beatles: Heart, melody, style, class, vocal dreamland, charisma up the ying-yang, kings-of-cool, inspirational.

They were my first musical heroes, and like Wendy, I think I was in love with Paul ;-)

Without the Beatles, Raspberries would not have existed....maybe...


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Nice analysis. I have always felt that Ringo was terribly underrated as a drummer and overshadowed by Lennon/McCartney. However, his drumming was always what it was required to have been....an excellent base for keeping the rhythm and not overpowering the other instruments. In jazz, the drums are almost a lyrical instrument, doing so much more than simply keeping a beat. But that would have been totally ruinous to pop/rock recordings of the Beatles. I think Ringo was all the drummer they needed, and then some.

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