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R.I.PCraig Benfer.....


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missm said: 

Larry when you say it like that, I have to retract my statement. Yes, we all deserve mushy sentiment and it is even better to receive it while we are still living! My own Mom has always said "give me my flowers while I am alive and can appreciate them".

Your last sentence touched me so much that I would be willing to get your memorial started immediately...just so you can know that you ARE loved and appreciated!!

To my dear friend Larry

Friends - by Elton John

I hope the day will be a lighter highway

For friends are found on every road

Can you ever think of any better way

For the lost and weary travellers to go

Making friends for the world to see

Let the people know you got what you need

With a friend at hand you will see the light

If your friends are there then everything's all right

It seems to me a crime that we should age

These fragile times should never slip us by

A time you never can or shall erase

As friends together watch their childhood fly


I saw the separate Friends post earlier, and I just saw this message now.... Thanks so much, MissM, and right back at you. An early memorial — love it!

And Craig, your most recent post is hilarious. You obviously have a great sense of humor.

Happy Sunday, everyone. You're a great lot!

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Oh no. This is the saddest news I can imagine.

I have loved, no ADORED Craig Benfer since I registered here. He was the kindest, sweetest and most wonderful a human being as I have ever encountered in my entire life. I didn't even know he was ill. I once told him that I would marry him sight unseen, just from knowing him through his beautiful posts. His passing leaves a hole in my heart, in this board and in the world.

Love you, adore you, Craig and always will, my dear, sweet friend. You're an angel, but then, you always were.

:(--Love, heartpump Darlene

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In my usual fashion, I didn't read all of the posts before I posted. I'm glad that I was only desolate for a few minutes.


My Craig Benfer is alive and well. Craig, I guess "the reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated."

Well, at least now you know how I really feel about you.

And yes, you ARE an angel.

:)--Love, Dar

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