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R.I.PCraig Benfer.....


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The universe is a funny place, Larry. The same Cat Stevens song I quoted in tribute to our Craig is the one I used in tribute on Facebook. Ironically, Polly posted that her Craig had just had lunch with Cat Stevens 2 months ago!!

Yes we should send prayers and good thoughts to everyone who is battling cancer (or any other illness)!! I'm sure those prayers and thoughts will go a long way!!

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Craig, because you were EC.com Member #4, I think it's only right that Eric Carmen himself perform at your funeral service. All it'll take is a solemn crowd (of course!), a few words about you from your closest friends, a finely tuned piano, and a set list of, say, "Nowhere to Hide," "Desperate Fools," "All By Myself," and "Boats Against the Current."

What do you think? Should we ask him? I mean, Member #4... that's gotta be worth four songs. Plus, Brett Favre wore #4, so it all hangs together.

If Eric agrees to play at your service, I'll definitely attend. (Otherwise, well, I gotta check my schedule.... :-)

P.S.: As long as you're not among the living, um, can I have your Raspberries collection?

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Well, we didn't want to make you feel bad, but... at your funeral service, Eric will have your loved ones suitably solemn after playing "Nowhere to Hide," "Desperate Fools," "All By Myself," and "Boats." But then — here's the surprise — he was going to lift everyone's spirits by bringing out five special guests to play a few more songs. Yep, Wally, Dave, Jim, Scott, and Mike. It'll be the ultimate 'berries reunion show. They'll whip through "Last Dance," "I Reach for the Light," and, of course, "Cry." We'll try not to be too gleeful as you lie there, but... what the heck. You'll want us to have fun, right?

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That was funny. You won't have to be like the man who worried, all his life, that he didn't live up to expectations.

There was a movie that I saw just a few minutes of on T.V.

This man who died wondered what people would say at his eulogy and remembrance. And he got the chance to hear it, as an angel, in the next life. And he came back to earth to visit.

Luckily for him, as he was surprised to hear, it wasn't sad. The whole point was that he was worried that he didn't live up to how people thought he should have lived. But, he was hearing that everyone is similar in life. He did the best he could do.

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I just informed the rest of my family of my passing. My wife's happy that my snoring will no longer keep her awake at night. LOL We got quite a laugh about this. I do wish the part about me being a superb musician was true.

Craig for a few hours the part about you being superb musician was true!! Sorry for going all maudlin on you in my initial tribute!! However, since you are still with us I cannot stop laughing!! This was a lesson to all of us (me in particular): when hearing of someone's passing, keep the mushy sentiment to a minimum!! Geez man you are like Jesus! You've been resurrected and it is not even EASTER!! Hey beyond the resurrection, do you have any other miracles. If so, I need to call the Vatican and put them on notice!!

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This was a lesson to all of us (me in particular): when hearing of someone's passing, keep the mushy sentiment to a minimum!

Actually, I'd disagree.... Don't all of us deserve some mushy sentimentalism when we leave this world? I think so.

In fact, I also think we deserve to hear it while we're still around to appreciate it. (Take it from someone who lives in a house where negativity and pessimism have been running rampant for, oh, four or five years....)

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Larry when you say it like that, I have to retract my statement. Yes, we all deserve mushy sentiment and it is even better to receive it while we are still living! My own Mom has always said "give me my flowers while I am alive and can appreciate them".

Your last sentence touched me so much that I would be willing to get your memorial started immediately...just so you can know that you ARE loved and appreciated!!

To my dear friend Larry

Friends - by Elton John

I hope the day will be a lighter highway

For friends are found on every road

Can you ever think of any better way

For the lost and weary travellers to go

Making friends for the world to see

Let the people know you got what you need

With a friend at hand you will see the light

If your friends are there then everything's all right

It seems to me a crime that we should age

These fragile times should never slip us by

A time you never can or shall erase

As friends together watch their childhood fly

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