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Gerry Rafferty


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The last Billboard Hot 100 song was "The Royal Mile (Sweet Darlin')" which went to # 54 back in September of 1980 from the album "Snakes And Ladders". Back in the Summer of 1988, the CD "North And South" was the last being played on Mainstream Rock radio & 2 songs from that CD can be found on "Right Down The Line, The Best Of". R.I.P. Gerry, you will be missed. Matt

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He was one of my favorite songwriters ...

Did you know "Baker Street" was originally written for a film script that had been circling through London and Hollywood for years, called "Baker Street", and was never picked up until a couple of years ago, when it was made and released as "The Bank Job"? My friend owns the film, and was a close friend of Gerry, and actually has some alternate lyrics they wrote out.

As well, the original version had the now famous sax intro as a guitar intro, and Raphael Ravenscroft happen to be recording in the next studio, heard the intro, and offered to play it on sax?

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