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Leaving earth as only he would have wanted to...


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I've read the news of the passing away of a concert buddy I've known for several years now. He had a heart attack after the Y&T NYE show. I had spoken and hugged him before the show began. I'm stunned and saddened with tears streaming down my face. I would always see him at the Night Ranger shows and in October he gave me a drumstick that he caught (Kelly Keagy's) cuz he knew how much I love that band. He was the biggest Y&T fan. Can't believe he's gone..... frown

Steven, your wings have now taken you to heaven.....RIP my buddy, aka Mighty Proud Eagle....

The pic is of him with John Nymann and John's wife, Steven is in the middle.

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I remember the most tragic New Years Eve concert of the Trenton Symphony when, just after his solo on "In The Mood," our marvelous principal trumpeter, James Tuozzolo, dropped dead of a heart attack. I heard his solo, he had never played more beautifully, then a tremendous crash. I glimpsed up to see one of the lady horn players running off the stage crying, and I thought, "It finally happened. Her chair must have toppled off the riser and she fell and hurt herself." What it was, is that she saw him fall. Everything came to a standstill, the conductor was so shocked he screamed "Is there a doctor in the house?" and one came to the stage. Nobody thought to close the curtain and the doctor and EMTs came and worked on him, but he was gone before he ever got to the floor.

One of my principals had never seen me play, so I had invited her to the concert the week before and she was absolutely traumatized, as we all were.

He had always said, "I want to go playing the trumpet." And he did. He was only 57. So sad. But he fulfilled his own prophetic desire. Somehow, maybe he always knew...

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Thank you guys, I really appreciate it smile It's still so hard to fathom and I've cried all night just thinking about it all cry I came across a quote that sounded just right:

“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.â€

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Tartan Bo - Your Steven was a concert lover. Let's focus not on how he died, but on how he lived and how he's living on right now. At this point he is attending the best concert ever. Think of all of the performers who have gone on and now he is there for the show...combinations of acts we've never thought of...we can only wonder about the opening acts...the headliners...etc!! What I'm saying is that he is still doing what he loved....checking out a fabulous show!!

We will all get to see the show with him someday and I know you will be happy that he will greet you warmly when you arrive!!

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