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Tuesday Night Football


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I read somewhere that 17 of the top 20 rated prime time TV shows this past cycle were NFL games. Plus for 16 consecutive weeks this year.....a NFL game was the highest rated TV show of the week. That's Prime Time baby!!!

The biggest increase in audience - women age 18-49. I have no doubt there will be more NFL programming into other evenings.

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marathon mama, I never pay much mind to the Cheer Dancers (whom I also call "spotters") only because most of them are not particularly eye catching. Now if this guy (or our own Booyah Boy) were on the field...I would definitely pay attention...

Salacious photo alert!!

I just love a man with great teeth, a gorgeous smile and a hot body...

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well miriam.....I appreciate being thrown into the same ring (pun intended) as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.....he seems like a VERY likeable guy. (I know Bonnie likes him).

Speaking of male cheerleaders....wasn't George W. Bush a cheerleader @ Yale? I think he was.

Upon further research...Bush was a cheerleader at Andover.

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