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2011 NFL Playoffs


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You are right LC, how great was it to see Bart Starr at the game. What a class act. My mailman is a Steelers fan and says to me last week "we lead the league with 6 Super bowls"....I had to remind him that the Packers lead with the now 13th "championship"...too many folks think the NFL started in 1967 with SB 1....this guy is my age and I had to remind him that although the Packers have been around a long time, so has the Pittsburgh franchise...told him we did a three-peat in the 60's and won 5 years out of 7 under Vince!! For our Packer fans on the board, you can listen to the celebration tomorrow (Tuesday) from Lambeau on the web at wtmj.com. I'm pretty sure this is going to be televised in Wisconsin.

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Then thats good news for Cleveland fans,they are 8 time Champions! Much better than the Steelers. Your welcome Hollies ha!

Houston Oilers were champions in 1961... oh wait so were the Packers..who were the real champions that year? Same for 1962 Dallas Texans...Buffalo Bills... 1965.. I guess they are co champions.

Joe Namath is what made the Super Bowls what they are by putting the AFC on the map ( The Steelers were old NFL and were one of the worst teams until they merged to the AFC.)

Green Bay deserves the Super Bowl win but are co champions in some of those other years....thats why people focus on Super Bowls.

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