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2011 NFL Playoffs


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Somehow I knew that game was not going to be as easy for the Packers as that first drive was -- tough second half but I'll take the result. On to Dallas !! Go Pack Go.

Any Bears fans here care to weigh in on the Cutler business? Pretty surprising to hear NFL players and the comments they are "tweeting" --- I don't know a hell of alot about Cutler, but I do know he doesn't miss many games (if any) and I don't think he is the type of guy to bail on a championship game.

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As a life-long Bears fan, all I have to say about yesterday's Cutler situation can best be summed up by what I said to my friend when they announced that Collins was coming in, and Jay C,. appeared to be injured......."About f***ing time! At least they might score now!!!" (Collins sucked too, but Hanie breathed some life into that corpse of a team.... Lovie's (or Martz's) best move yesterday.)

Was Cutler hurt that badly? I assume he was....but even if he wasn't, the major complaint was how he played when he was in there, NOT whether he needed to stay in, short of a broken bone sticking out his leg!

Bears fans wonder why the team gets so little respect. Could be Cutler's genius for stinking up the place/pulling his deer in the headlights impersonation during most nationally televised games. I don't care how good your defense is - your offense has to keep them off the field by holding onto the ball and, hopefully, scoring on occasion.

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Billy, first, let me congratulate, you, Laura, LC, and Tim on your team gaining entry to the Super Bowl. I won't be rooting for them, but I don't think you would expect me to, nor would I have expected you to root for mine. That's one thing about both Bears and Packers fans, they don't go for the bandwagon jumpers! Now, onto the game.

My biggest fear for this game was the referee, Terry McAulay. He was the official early in the season when the two teams met and the Packers were flagged for 18 penalties, most in their team history. I read all week (or heard on the radio) comments that Packer players, officials, and coaches had mentioned how they hoped they wouldn't get called like that again. As a Bears fan, I felt this put a bug in McAulay's ear. They played him like a violin! It was frustrating to see big plays by the Bears get whistled back (Chester Taylor phantom hold was a killer) or to see them stop Aaron Rodgers, then get called several seconds later for borderline calls. Troy Aikman circled Clifton with BOTH hands pulling up Peppers on a big GB run. The helmet to helmet on Rodgers, when by definition in the rule book, you CAN slide up into it, but no call when Raji does it to Hanie! Even the final interception, when Olsen is tripped right in the middle of the field AND Knox is shoved to the ground behind the play. I was livid! I hate crying about refs, but with all of them employed by the NFL, no ref should EVER do the same two teams playing a second time in a season!

That said, the Bear coaching staff was horrendous. From winning the toss and letting GB have the ball first (why let Rodgers get into a groove early?) instead of attacking. From the decision to first go to Collins, a slow QB who failed against an awful Carolina defense early in the season, over the mobile Hanie against a superb defense. Putting Hanie in the final seconds of the third, which by NFL rules, negated any chance of Cutler or Collins returning, instead of waiting until the fourth. Had Hanie have gotten hurt, they would have had receiver Earl Bennett playing quarterback for a Super Bowl berth! The ridiculous call after a timeout for a reverse to Bennett instead of going to Matt Forte or even Chester Taylor, who several Packers had said they "hated because he kills us". Even if you like the reverse, which I didn't, how about using a guy named Hester instead? Not letting kicker Robbie Gould attempt a 49 yard field goal, when he was 3-4 from over fifty yards, instead of punting to the Packers and giving Rodgers great field position.

Last, the Cutler thing. I mentioned on my Facebook, how disgusted I am to hear people questioning his toughness. The guy is a diabetic playing in the NFL and has been sacked over 100 times in two years with a hapless offensive line and keeps going. YOU stick a needle in your stomach several times a day, then let 350 pound guys chase you all over the field. Let's see who is "tough". In eight years, this team has drafted one lineman in the top three rounds and he was injured and needed back surgery! Ever think about protecting the QB?

Maurice Jones-Drew ripped him on Twitter for "quitting". Umm, the Jags were 8-6 with two games to play and only needed one win to make the playoffs, but that "JAG" was injured and didn't play and they missed out. Maybe he should look in the mirror at a "quitter"? Do people remember a young QB named Tom Brady leaving the 2001 AFC championship injured and replaced by Drew Bledsoe, who led them to the Super Bowl? Think he has done okay since. Phillip Rivers left a playoff game down three points and watched the great Billy Volek come in and lead his team to victory in the final drive in 2007 (maybe 2008?). So, let's wait and see about Cutler, shall we?

All that said, I was very impressed by Greg Jennings, who I thought was good, but might just be the best receiver in football, after watching this game.

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I'm amazed if people think Cutler wussed-out. I thought I heard driving back this afternoon that preliminary reports are that he has a partially torn MCL (that's on the inner side of the knee). Having been recovering on and off for 6 months with "microtears" in my left MCL.(severely sprained knee)..I can tell you that planting that leg to throw would be a bear (no pun intended).

I DID in fact learn something yesterday. Once the third string quarterback enters the game, the first stringer is disallowed from returning. Is that true?

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Evidently it is true John!! I was stunned and sickened by that decision as soon as I saw it happen. I would have been more inclined to tell second-string (Todd Collins) to suck it up and get out there! But that's just me...and one of the many reasons I am not coaching any team in any sport...anywhere other than in my den!! haha

John....this might help..

NFL'S "third-quarterback" rule -- sometimes misunderstood:

Seventeen years ago (1991) the third-quarterback rule was instituted to enable teams to have an emergency quarterback available who was not on the 45-man game-day active roster, since many teams, for strategic purposes, only carried two quarterbacks on their game-day roster.

Everybody thinks they understand the NFL's "third-quarterback" rule. But do they?

The rule states that if a third quarterback is inserted before the fourth quarter, a team's first two quarterbacks cannot be used in the game at any position.

Another aspect of the rule is sometimes misunderstood. It is a coach's decision as to whether a third quarterback will be used.

The active quarterbacks do not have to be injured for a team to use its third quarterback.

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While I agree with Pat about the officiating, far be it from me to bring it up first - always comes across as whiny, plus let's face it - the league got what they wanted as far as the Superbowl match-up. Nobody wants to see a 14-10 score in the Superbowl.

Regarding the criticisms of Cutler and his injury - Frankly, this looks more and more like a simple matter of his personality not fitting the rah-rah cheerleader born leader type that most people want their quarterbacks to have. I keep hearing about how he didn't stand on the sidelines, helping Collins and Hanie, and how he wasn't leading the cheers. Cutler simply doesn't have that kind of personality....never has, never will.

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John, I understand about some players not possessing the sis-boom-bah cheerleader personality that is often expected in pro-sports. We in San Diego saw that with L.T. when he was injured. He moped along the sidelines looking upset and hurt like an overgrown spoiled child!! It seemed to stem more from the fact that he was not on the field than from anything else!! I am certain that did not endear him to the owners when it was contract time..

The spirit of which you speak is one that is familiar to ALL who have played organized sports (myself included)!! No matter what, YOU CHEER (ENCOURAGE) FOR YOUR TEAM!! After all, there is no "I" in team.

Even though I love the Jets and the Bears, I knew early on in both of their games yesterday that unless they stepped it up, they would not put in a worthy showing at the Superbowl if either of them made it.

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I've never thought Cutler was a wuss-sometimes not very effective, but I've never thought he wasn't tough. You have to be pretty tough to play QB in the NFL. I was impressed with the young Heine. Looked like he had a nice touch on his passes.

As for the officiating, that can go both ways. I'm sure the Bears have had their share of non-calls. I did think Peppers hit Rodgers helmet to helmet. There were some holding calls that I saw the Bears do also, that didn't get called. You can basically call holding on every play at some point in time.

Actually, my Bear fan husband (born and raised in Chicago and Wheeling, IL) will be rooting for the Pack, because he doesn't want the Steelers to win another Super Bowl. And it keeps the Lombardi Trophy in the NFC.

Of course, all of these things are IMHO only.

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"After all, there is no "I" in team."

No, but to quote Albert Belle, there is an "M" and an "E", as in "ME"!

The "Grow Up" comment.....No offense, but this isn't high school! And in a professional sport where we had 2 playoff teams quarterbacked by (1) an ex-con who just served time for illegal dog-fighting, and (2) a guy who was suspended by his own team for a quarter of this past season for "extra-curricular activities" having to do with multiple accusations of sexual assault.....I don't really see where Jay Cutler's lack of cheerleading on the sidelines the other day, due to his personality, is a major issue!

And this really bothers me.....WHERE were all of the tweeters, twitterers and other experts from other teams ready to crucify Cutler over whether he was hurt or not (and medical tests subsequently proved he was) when 2 very high profile players - Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth (one of the highest paid QBs and THE highest paid defensive lineman in history) got benched multiple times (at least once apiece for injuries, real or imagined, and at least once for not performing up to snuff), and sat there pouting every single time? No cheerleading, no rah-rah stuff....and NOT ONE WORD from any of these a-holes who were openly critical of Cutler on Sunday.

And in the cases of both of these Redskins, the local media and players on the team criticized the guys....unlike last Sunday, where no Chicago Bear was heard b*tching about Cutler....and yeah, rumor has it Urlacher did call him a p*ssy, but back in 2009.

The Bears paid a fortune in players and draft picks to get this guy 2 years ago, and in this past season, his first under new Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz, the team went from 7-9 to 11-5 and the NFC title game. IMO, it will be criminal if this bullsh*t from last Sunday ruins his career in Chicago.

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I bought a couple of points and picked the Jets + 6 and the Packers - 3...But I had the Bears to score more than 20 points...I thought it would be a semi offensive shootout...Oh well. At least I have $75 left to lose on the Super Bowl.

I think it will all come down to what level Rodgers plays at this game. If he plays like he did at Atlanta, Packers win.

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It's that quiet weekend before Super Bowl Sunday....

* I heard the Pro Bowl is today. Anyone watching?

* I'm hoping the Packers get their Lombardi Trophy back next week, but... honestly, the Steelers were always my "back-up favorite team," having grown up in a Pittsburgh suburb. So I'm trying to be analytical about how the game will turn out. Part of me gives Pittsburgh an edge because "they been there" (recently), yet the Packers are peaking. It'll be a knock-down, drag-out, heavyweight battle, and the funnest (slang!) Super Bowl for me since GB/NE in 1997.

* Anyone know who gets to wear home jerseys in the Super Bowl? I think the AFC and NFC alternate years, and last year the Colts wore blue, so... I think we'll be seeing green-and-gold (rather than black-and-gold).

* Remember this great commercial from a few years ago?

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LC, never watch the Pro Bowl...and now without any Steelers whats the point haha!

I think Rodgers is more hurt than the Packers are leading on

I hope the Steelers get number 7...(sorry Hollies)

Its the Steelers and everyone else for me, just a die hard fan although if they win or lose my life does not change. Just a fan that enjoys sports, after all Im a Pirate fan, cant get any worse than that...but a Penns fan...looking good there.

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LC - The Packers will be wearing the home green. They alternate every year, as you said the Colts wore the home blue last year, NFC's turn to wear dark this year.

That's what I thought, Billy. Awesome! We remember the last time the Pack wore their home green in a Super Bowl, don't we? Now that had me reaching for the Kleenex box! (A reference to Kirk's post.)

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This game is expected to be in the 20's for both teams.

I have the 'over-the-total'. Over 44.5 to win. Maybe 27 to 21(48 points), or more total points, like 28 to 24(52 points)

There is another wager on the consecutive scores.(Three consecutive scores? [No, on that one]. This wager gets an extra 50% back, or $100 will win $150.

Apparently, it is the best wager of the day, they are all saying. Either team will score before a third consective score by the other team. Because both teams have a strong defense. A score being a touchdown or field goal before a touchdown.

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