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2011 NFL Playoffs


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I'd like to nominate McCarthy Coach of the Year, Thompson executive of the year and give Capers defensive coach of the year, if there is a such thing. Any team that has 14 guys on IR, 6 of them starters, at least of 2 of them pro bowlers, and get the results out of the roster they get, deserve mentioning. Not only have the Packers shown they have great depth, they have won 4 straight playoff (for them the Giants and Bears games were playoff games). Next week's championship game in Chicago should be a great one --- I can't wait!

No argument here — I don't know who would be more deserving... as much as I got to dislike McCarthy and Thompson after the Favre debacle. But... they showed their "plan" worked. Like a charm.

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My husband (the Bear Fan) and I (the Packer fan) are already talking about logistics for the game. We'll probably watch it in our separate offices. Will be a slug fest! I hope my marriage lasts through it!! FYI, my hubby said that the Bears and Packers haven't played for a championship since 1941!

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I think the best betting strategy is to ask me for my predictions, and then go with the opposite. I was totally fooled by the Seahawks, Jets, and, yes, the Pack last week, so I batted a pathetic .250.

This week, I'm picking:

* Seattle to keep rolling, even on the road.

* Pittsburgh to win at home over the valiant Ravens.

* Green Bay to upset the Falcons in Atlanta.

* New England to trounce the Jets.

Maybe I'll see that Packers/Steelers Super Bowl yet!

Only two for four this week for me... but I'm still alive with my Super Bowl wish (sorry Bears and Jets fans!).

Of course, that probably means we'll have a Bears/Steelers SB, or a Packers/Jets. Or, worst-case, a Jets/Bears Super Bowl, which in itself would be fun to watch. (It's just hard to think of Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez as Super Bowl QBs, isn't it?)

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A second 3-1 week for me, losing only on the Jets upset over the Patriots.

This week, Bears over Packers and Steelers over Jets!

LC, Jay Cutler did something yesterday, running and passing for two touchdowns, that has only been done once before in the history of the NFL playoffs...that by Otto Graham. Bears ran the ball 42 times and when running it over 40 times, they have won 48 in a row!

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Thanks Hollies, I still think you are one of the best...

and rarely disagree with your postings..But I love the Steelers

I see you are not alone on this board with that feeling!

I am originally from McKeesport PA and stick to my team thru thick and thin....

Im thick skin and I wont be offended by anything you say against the Six Time Super Bowl Champs or me. Its all in fun.

I respect you being from Ohio... I dont think many people in Ohio are huge Steeler fans...

I hope you dont tell me to get off your lawn haha!

If the Steelers win Ill buy you an Iron City Beer!

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The final four sure is an interesting and worthy group of teams. I had forgotten that the Jets got this far last year, too. They're definitely ready to take the next step. But... the Steelers have been there too. This will be a war of a game.

John, I have to pull for the Steelers, based on them having always been my "back-up" rooting interest behind Green Bay, er, the Jets, er, the Vikings, er... where's Favre playing next year again? Anyway, I came to appreciate the Steelers because I lived near there for three years in high school. We had just moved there the year of the "Immaculate Reception," which was an unbelievable moment. It ranks right up there near Joe Namath's impossible upset of the Colts. Maybe Sanchez will have a bit of Joe Willie in him....

Then again, when you grow up bleeding green and gold, you don't really get it out of your system. So I'm expecting Green Bay to keep Jay Cutler confused this weekend — what a tough D! — and then to move on the the Big Game. And ultimately they'll get that trophy back where it belongs. (Isn't it called The Lombardi Trophy for a reason? :-)

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