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2011 NFL Playoffs


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I'm trying to get excited about the playoff lineup without the Vikings.... Just think, a year ago, Minnesota was a couple weeks away from dismantling Dallas (sorry, Elle!) before going on to the NFC championship. This year... it all came crashing down. And it was a true team effort, from top to bottom.

Anyway, my playoff rooting interests, I suppose, will have to include my longtime favorite team, Green Bay, and the Steelers, because I went to junior high and high school near Pittsburgh. I do live in New England, but I don't know if I could bear to hear Patriots fans get any cockier up here (though you can't deny the Patriots' excellence).

So... next weekend:


* Jets at Colts: Buddy Ryan already said the Jets are winning the Super Bowl, so... I'm picking the Colts here. I just don't think the Colts will get past Pittsburgh or New England the week after.

* Ravens at Chiefs: I'm thinking KC's feel-good story ends. Ravens.


* Saints at Seahawks or Rams: Saints, no matter who wins tonight. (Isn't it a little sad to see the Tampa Bucs at home while an 8-8 or 7-9 team is in?)

* Packers at Eagles: Close game.... I think the Eagles' home-field advantage will be the difference in a close game.

Looking ahead to the Super Bowl:

* The match-up I'd want is Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay.

* The match-up I'd predict is New England vs. New Orleans (I like the Falcons getting that home-field advantage, but... those wily Saints can be so tough, even on the road.) I also think New Orleans is one NFC team that can be a handful for Bill Belichick. So... I'm thinking we'll have a Saints repeat.

Then again, considering my failure at fantasy football this season, what do I know?

And what do y'all see? I know Harry is high on his Eagles, and Laura will be pushing the Pack, and Deb will be sticking with her Steelers, but... will Blackhawk Pat buy into his Bears?

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I will go with Jets over the Colts and Ravens over the Chiefs in the AFC. Saints will roll over the Seahawks (Going into tonight's game, the Seahawks and Rams COMBINED for 13 wins and yet the Bucs and Giants are watching on tv with ten each! How does Seattle get a home game?????) The Packers/Eagles is the tough one to pick, but I am going to take Green Bay, as I believe the Vick clock will finally run out.

Yes, I do believe the Bears can make the Super Bowl, I like that no one respects them, but winning it over New England or Pittsburgh? Hmmmmm.....The only NFC team I feared playing was the Giants and they are out. Well, let's get there and see what happens! Good luck to everyone's teams, unless they are playing Da Bears!

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Firstly...can Rex Ryan stop putting his foot in his mouth (that's a spot reserved for his wife's feet :yikes:). Sometimes it's better to fly UNDER the radar (like the Bears).

Okay...for what it's worth:

Jets surprise the Colts in Indy (afterall the indoor temp will be above 45 degrees for prettyboy Sanchez)......The Jets then move on to NE and get grounded by the NFL's OTHER prettyboy!

Ravens scalp the Chiefs and then go to Pittsburgh and punch the Steelers in the mouth....but lose a close one. AFC championship = Pats v Steelers.......Pats win...Giselle throbs.

Saints travel west and beat the Seahawks...I see the Packers hurting Vick..and slowing down the Eagles. Then I guess it would be Packers vs Falcons (Falcons win at home) and the Saints against Da Bears. Saints win, Bears O line fails. Saints go marching into Atlanta and act like general Sherman with tight underwear (NASTY!!!!!). Saints move on to Dallas to meet the Pats.

SuperBowl in dallas...great game...halftime show sucks (although Fergie eye-candy is booyah-licious)..Saints win Super Bowl. Who 'dat Repeat? IMHO of course.

Giselle......call me!

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I'll give some thoughts by this saturday, and during the week, since I put money on these games. I will most likely think of the teams one way, but wager another way, because of the point spreads, and game totals for the weekend.

This past weekend, I played San Diego/Denver over 47. It was 33-28, or 61 final total. And a plus, (+ 4.5) for Washington, vs. Giants. Even though the Red Skins lost (17-14) the bet was won, because I was wagering that the Red Skins would lose by no more than 4.5 points to the Giants. And that was a bet I normally don't do.

If I played every game that I talked about last weekend, I would have gone four wins and two losses. But, only one or two games is fine. I won tonight's college football game with Stanford, picking the under-the-total of 59. I think the final two team score was 52.

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The biggest game is Packers/Eagles.

I'm mostly interested in the first half of the game, so that's really what I think I'll wager on, and not the entire score. I'll wait for game day to make my wagers on these games for saturday and sunday).

I think the 2.5(you win at 3 and higher on that wager) money line should be a higher money line starting at 11 to 17, and not 2.5. It seems right for a winner though. Which team wins depends solely on the defense and how well they help their quarterback from being tackled for lost yardage. It will be difficult for Eagles with Packers exceptional defense. A grueling first and second quarter. This could be an under-the-total game.

New Orleans at Seattle Seahawks. Seattle gets their main quarterback again. Right now, a 10.5 margin for Seattle to lose. Some say that that line might change. That it should be 14. New Orleans to play their third game in 12 days. But, there will be alot of running for them. This could be an over-the-total winner. Whatever that is now, 44 or 45, etc.

Jets/Colts. The first half of this game could be close. But, the last half of the game, a winner-take-all. Lots of plays by both quarterbacks, and key scoring. Over-the-total. Surprised if it's not, for me.

Baltimore Ravens/Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas has the highest rushing in the league, about 164 yards per game. This game could go either way. Though, it looks like Baltimore will do most of the scoring. Not sure how well Kansas' defense is against Ravens. Whatever the money line is for Baltimore, probably. But, I'll look at the total score line, also, before I decide what to do.

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It looks like New Orleans might be taking Seattle lightly. This favors Seattle with their weather, their very loud crowd, and coaching. Now, let's see what Seattle's quarterback can do. This could be a ball possesion game. And that would be the "upset-of-the-day". Even though Kansas could upset the Baltimore Ravens. But, Ravens can get a running game going and they have more talent on their team.

On the Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles game, either team could win by 11 to 17 points, I believe on this one. But, possibly alot of good plays for both teams.

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I AGREE MIKE THE SAINTS may be looking ahead, instead of whats in front of them. I have a feeling the seahawks will give them fits AND may just squeak out a win, then lay an egg next week. THAT IS typical of seattle seahawks football from week to week. AND THERE is always a stunning upset on wildcard weekend, so this may be the one....

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Wow! The Seahawks are flying high on the Saints. Even though an upset would blow my own predictions (and my Fantasy Challenge picks at NFL.com), I'm rooting for Seattle. I love watching Matt Hasselbeck play quarterback — he's one of three former Favre backups on playoff teams this year (along with Aaron Rodgers and Mark Brunell). Most of all, I love the underdog....

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How funny, angelina.

It was a huge surprise that Seattle won.

The good way to wager is after hearing of injuries, after the last practice during the week.

Also, hearing about how the practices have gone.

And, how everyone is running and passing.

Last, what is being said by players, sometimes.

Then, I think of how the defense might play.

I had the right theory on the Jets/Colts second half of their game, yesterday, but both teams usually score more, and didn't.

I didn't want to wager an extra game-(three for the day, which I did at the same time. Not later when I lost. I do one or two, usually more on the weekend). Maybe I only wager two or three times in a week, because the games don't look like will win. I prefer the weekend, when I can look at the games by friday.

Like yesterday, I lost on two games. But, I played college basketball-UConn/Texas. UConn was the underdog. This one bet for UConn won by only one point! But, because I won that wager, and put more on that game, my win was triple of my loss in football. It was +320 to win on the underdog. That means triple your win. If that was -320 that means for every three dollars you wager, you only win one dollar. Just one wager went way over my loss.

This is a rare wager. And most wagers for the favorite might look like this. It' different depending on the strength of the game:

Favorite: -175

Underdog: +150

Looking at this(and not yet looking at the total predicted score)

it looks like the favorite will win, because it is is closer to -200, a strong possibility to win.

So, when I'm not sure who will win, I bet on the total to be over or under their combined team scores.

The reason is that the point spread might be -7. The favorite has to win by eight or more. If it's +10, or whatever (+) number they put up(any number), like +9, +8, then you are wagering that a team will lose by let's say, +10 or less. Losing by nine wins, losing by 10 is a tie and no loss to you on that game.

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Today, I will also wager on the Nevada college football game. The Baltimore Ravens/Kansas City Chiefs I bet yesterday already.

From the day before(saturday)to today, the total points and the point spread can change. So, I wagered yesterday(Packers/Eagles), thinking that they might lower the 1st half points today. My prediction is that the winner will win by 11-17 points in the total game score, not total half time score. It can also be five points less, from 6 to 12 points over their opponent that the winner will win the game.

Today's Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles game is now looking at high scoring as I thought might be. Yesterday it was for 23 total 1st half points. But, you can choose over 23, or under 23 total 1st half points.

I look at today's Packers/Eagles game like this:

Adding 17 points for both teams is 34 (17x2). One team will score more. Or both.

Then taking 2.5 point spread times five, which is 11.

Then, adding 34 to 11 is 45 points for the game.

When I saw their predicted totals, that's why I thought times five on the 2.5 on friday.

If it was a 36 total(a lower number), I might think of -2.5 as a -3, but only times 2.


Then I decide to wager only on the favorite(-2.5 or -3).

Or,do I wager both on the -3 and the total? Sometimes, you do both. Usually one or the other.

Would that be over 36, or under? Then, I wager on the game.

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I knew everyone was favoring Philadelphia, so I only went with game totals on this one.

I won on two games today. Baltimore, -3(minus means the favorite) to win. Win by 4 or more on the bet. And Packers/Eagles 1st half, under 23.

I thought the second half might have more scoring than the first half, so I could have wagered on that, too.

Since last sunday, 9 wins and 3 losses.

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The Packers nearly gave me a heart attack. Guess you have to be lucky as well as good in these playoffs. They will have to play near perfect next week in Atlanta, that front D line Atlanta features is much better than Philly's -- would like to see the Packers not be so conservative on the D side of the ball -- doing that today almost cost them the game in the 4th quarter. I'm sure Dom Capers will draw up something good for Saturday night.

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