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"Angelinas & Tontonas" new harem!


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This is a wild and amusing thread in that a "talent agent" established a thread to "procure" talent for two heretofore unheard of harems. I wish Andie, the best of luck and much success to Angelina and Tonto.

Andie, I like this whole idea only beause Tonto and I had discussed bringing in help for the more mundane tasks. He prefers me free for more than waxing floors and cleaning his mocassins. Sincerely, SoCalSquaw

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I've heard of hydraulic suspension, but that chick takes it to an entirely new level!!! hahablushsanta

I'd love to check out her performance in the slalom!!! Probably a bit of understeer due to the "top-heavy" "front-end"!!! blushhahasanta

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