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Journey To Sing Anthem and Song at Football Game


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Live singing of The National Anthem by Journey at the San Diego Chargers/ San Francisco 49er's football game- Thursday, December 16th. and apparently another song at half-time. Most likely, you'll have to catch it on youtube the next day probably, because they might not show half-time singing on T.V. live.

I heard the news on a sports station. The lead singer of the last six years was interviewed. He had some interesting takes on the music industry, playing live, selling their music. And how 'not-to-play' in a live concert. I didn't catch his name.

First, I'm paraphrasing some of this:

1)The music industry can be difficult. Not everyone is lucky to have big concerts all the time. They play at too large of a place and lose money.

2)The question asked about live singing was 'which song is the lead singer into the most'? He replied that it's different every time, because of the weather being hot or cold. Or, the audience's response-How much or how soon they respond to the band.

3) Selling their music. They have done something new for them. They put a music package of three DVD's/CD's. They heard of problems online of people hearing of a new release, then copying it [before] it's officially on the market via the internet. By having three products, they reduce that.

4)How not-to-play-live. Some bands 'throw-in-the-towel'. They're not into the song. And you have to be into the songs to last as a band, he said. Because performing is not always easy every time you play live. You find a way to perform at your best level at a given concert venue. With all the subtleties- Again, the weather, response and playing along with the audience. (Feeling their response). And not at the audience.

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I was trying to get a replay of the interview on the internet. I'll call the radio station that aired it next week. About how to playback interviews from the week.

I won my wager on the game. And I had increased my wager by 50% more than what I was told, thinking that this was a very good time to do that. It was 10 for the Chargers to win by 10 or more. But they went over that point spread by an amazing 20 points. Almost unheard of! With a 37 to 7 win. But every week is different.

And in a magazine I was reading, the journey lead singer was asked to compare his music from 20 years back to now. What does he notice? Is there any difference at all? (I'll see if I can find that magazine)>

He said that everyone is competing, now, to see who can have the loudest drumbeats. All of the music is pounding the beat these times in music. What is music about, just drums?

There needs to be differences in the loudness of each instrument. Instead, it sounds like the piano, bass, guitar, and drums are literally playing at the identical loudness.[My words next]:

You can't hear the different sound levels. Where are the subtleties? Like when a guitar is playing appregio style. There is no need to bring that sound equal to the drums, because appregio style is playing a chord in a guitar-picking style. Not like a lead guitarest, who needs to raise the sound levels at certain points of a song.

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