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Revive An Old Dream?


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Hey Eric,

Before you got so involved in The Raspberries reunion thing you had said something about doing a show with the Cleveland Symphony. Is there any kind of a chance to restart that dream agian? I would love to see this happen. The idea of hearing your music in that style would be fantastic. Think about it.

Would also be a great way to get the EC Nation together again too!


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Tony Cartmill said:

Let's see...Keep researching One World Order, 9/11 inside-job conspiracies, and prove once and for all there is no God...OR...focus back on that silly musical-genius-legacy-priceless symphony concert?

While I'd love to hear Eric play again, I also enjoyed getting to know (somewhat of) the man that he is from his posts. He's ended up being more than just a really fun and humorous guy I met in Cleveland. I was actually blown away when I realized he wasn't some dumb "muso" floating around aimlessly on his own board for his own self gratification. (And trust me, I know many musicians like that. OY!)

Many of Eric's threads (and ones that he has joined in on) have made me "think" and "question" and do my own research. I like that---a lot. If I look back on some of my views from 2 years ago as opposed to now, I can honestly say that I view a number of things differently because of opinions shared on this board.

So, I guess that in the end, I sure wouldn't mind a solo concert and I sure enjoy reading and partaking in "those threads."

Can't a girl have both? :huh:

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Wendy and elle, of course we can have all three in that Trifecta!! In fact, we already have them albeit from a distance. Then again Wendy got a lot closer than you or I have elle. A solo show by Eric could help us close the distance thing!!

I sincerely hope that one day Eric will do a solo show!!


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The question really is: How many tickets would you have to sell and at what price to cover the cost of the orchestration of 90-120 minutes of your music plus union fees for the musicians and attendant crew for the performance AND union fees for enough rehearsal time for the orchestra so that they can play your music the way you want them to?

I'd love to hear it, but it's a pricey project.

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Druplet - Thanks for adding the necessary reality to the dream. I don't think many of us had considered the facts that you mentioned. Just the same, I hope the solo shows will take place. Yes, I know the ticket prices may well be through the roof so I will start saving my pennies right now.

PS - You've been missed, Druplet!!

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It could be done. It might be unrealistic to expect to recover the entirety of those expenses from ticket sales alone. It would simply require the full cooperation of the orchestra. They have funding—they'd just have to be willing to take it on as a project.

The arrangements are something else altogether. Who would write them? EC? I don't know. Would he want to use his existing arrangements as a springboard or start from scratch?

My guess is that he would want just a piano and orchestra situation and forego any electric instruments. Orchestra w/ rock combo has been done to death and I would bet that EC would want to take full advantage of the opportunity to highlight his melodies with orchestral support rather than smother them in electric guitars, etc. On the other hand, he may want to produce a 'product' with mass appeal...

Of course, I have NO IDEA what he wants!

Didn't I see him do this in Japan or somewhere? Fun, but, as I vaguely recall, not a very interesting use of an orchestra because of simplistic arrangements. If you've got 30-40 trained musicians up there, put 'em to work!

Like, Led Zeppelin's Kashmir with a Mellotron? Quirky and powerful. With an large string section playing unison lines? Meh. They got my hopes up with that one and I was a bit disappointed. (Note that Plant & Page did manage to make a little money with that project in spite of my mild disappointment!)

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If memory serves me well, Eric had researched this thing and he was about 90% sure the Severence Hall with the Symphony gig could be pulled off well, (recording it, CD, DVD, PBS Fundraiser material...) until one of Bill Clinton's ex-mistresses, Babs, decided to schedule a gig the same week or something...

Or was it that Eric discovered some of the Cleveland Symphony players were space aliens and involved with the 9/11 cover-up?...I can't remember :mellow:;)

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Tony, it would still be OK with me if aliens participated in the concert, but I think Eric would need to set two conditions: (a) aliens in the orchestra would have to dress-down so as to blend in and not stand out, elsewise they'd distract from the stage performer (and if they glow in the dark they would have to be totally covered up), and (any aliens attending the conference would have to pay in US currency (no galaxy script, and I suspect Obama would be happy to print them some fresh money in exchange for a photo-op) and the tall or smelly ones would have to be seated in the back of the auditorium.

Other than that, I say let's get this concert underway! It will be great and I truly hope Eric pulls it off.

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"The band is a picture that used the primary color. On the other hand, there are so many colors in a palette on the orchestra. The orchestra draws the tone, the shadow, the nuance, and light and shade and is divided. A new life is blown in, and the meaning and feelings of the songs written for as many as 30 years ago change slightly. It seems to see my song evolve. As the composer, it is wonderful and lucky. "

"I felt that the rhythm seems to change, and to be breathed freely though the orchestra performs according to the music score. "

This article is an interview with Sting published in the Japanese newspaper on January 14.

Sting is doing the world tour accompanied by the orchestra. His performance is done today in Japan. I planned to go to this concert though I feel so bad, then I canceled....

I thought that there was Eric's desire in Sting's word.

However, even if it becomes on the day of the performance, Sting's concert tiket is not sold out. Though it published and promoted so many times.

Why ?

I agree with drupelet.

There might be a bad economical situation of Japan now. And there might still be a problem of the price of the ticket.

Of couse I am expecting to Eric's new plan.

However, I think it's good for Eric to restart the solo concert first.

And I want to his new album.

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