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Football (fantasy) Playoff Time!


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LC....brilliant, I couldn't have come up with anything better myself. I think I'm going to cut and paste that over to the Yahoo site!!!!

For those who don't know, the "Cross-Eyed" reference in my poor attempt at an Ali poem is Cross-Eyed Mary, the team run by Rick (Mood Indigo on the board here). Harry, of course, has done his best Joe Namath and guaranteed a win in the Raspberries Football League's Super Bowl, but... we shall see. In the interest of equal time, here's a poem in support of Rick's team, which has dashed off to 19-point lead tonight based on Mike Wallace's big game for Pittsburgh:

He promised a title:

"I'll win by a bunch!"

But don't look now, Harry,

Rick's eating your lunch.

It's early, we know,

But the "Marys" aren't fakers;

They've got Austin, Schaub, Turner,

Choice, Wallace, and Akers!

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BTW, Here are the lineups employed by the two teams this weekend:


QB: Mike Vick (Phi)

WR: Reggie Wayne (Ind)

WR: Kenny Britt (Ten)

RB: LeSean McCoy (Phi)

RB: M Jones-Drew (Jac)

TE: Marcedes Lewis (Jac)

W/T: Jeremy Maclin (Phi)

W/R: Ryan Torrain (Was)

K: Josh Brown (StL)

DEF: St. Louis


QB: Matt Schaub (Hou)

WR: Miles Austin (Dal)

WR: Mike Wallace (Pit)

RB: Michael Turner (Atl)

RB: Taschard Choice (Dal)

TE: Owen Daniels (Hou)

W/T: Jacoby Ford (Oak)

W/R: Maurice Morris (Det)

K: David Akers (Phi)

DEF: Philadelphia

Obviously, Harry has a vested interest in the Eagles' game on Sunday night: three key Philly players. Rick counters with the Eagles' defense and kicker. So Sunday night will find the two of them glued to the TV and sweating bullets. Yes, it's that competitive!

Between Harry and Rick, the only active player in tonight's Steelers/Panthers game is Mike Wallace. They can change anyone else in their lineups before kickoff time on Saturday or Sunday --- and if I know the two of them, they're doing some internal flip-flopping. (No Brett Favre jokes here, please!)

I like Rick's pickup of the Cowboys' Tashard Choice, who will get extra work if Felix Jones can't play on Saturday night. If Jones does play (which would eat into Choice's carries), Rick can bench Choice before the game and activate one of several reserve players he "owns": Marshawn Lynch (Sea), Rashard Jennings (Jac), Johnny Knox (Chi), or Anthony Armstrong (Was).

For those who haven't played fantasy football, that's how strategy comes into play.... You're looking at the matchups your players have, and trying to go with those who have the best chance of having a big day.

The absolute killer is when you lose a game because one of your starters sucked while a player on your bench scored three TDs and gained 100 yards.

Or, one of your stud starters can get injured early in a game and totally leave you hanging. In another league I'm in, that happened to me two weeks ago. It's a money league ($50 per team) in my neighborhood, and I was the #1 seed heading into the playoffs. But in the first playoff game, my QB, the Packers' Aaron Rodgers got hurt in the first half of a game against Detroit and missed the entire second half. The 8th-seeded team ended up beating me by 1 point, thereby ripping my heart out... baby ... and costing me some nice lunch money (the first-place team gets $250).

Doesn't all of this make you want to join the league next year? Cartmill? JohnO? Tunesy? Eric? Lovely Ladies of EC.com?

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I posted the pro-Rick poem above at our Yahoo football site, and Rick --- noticing that it's two verses (vs. one verse in Harry's poem), and being a proponent of fair play --- said I owed another one to Harry. So, with apologies to The Night Before Christmas:

Now Maurice! Now Maclin! Now Reg and St. Louis!

On Michael! On Britt... Uh-oh, Marcades Lewis?

To the top of the league, To the top of them all!

Just win, Ericagles, so I can shop at the mall!

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Congrats to Harry (Tiggsherby) for winning our Raspberries Football League (RFL) title over Rick (Mood Indigo). It was a tight battle right until the end; Rick's Cross-Eyed Mary squad had Harry's Ericagles sweating.

But being an Eagles fan paid off for Harry, because on Tuesday night, Michael Vick and company "unleashed" a big enough offensive night (despite Philly's loss to the Vikings) to give Harry a 148-127 win. The cruel irony is that Rick's team included the Eagles' kicker and defense, who combined for a measly 11 points. I think Rick will be POed at Michael Turner for a long time, too -- he had two points when one of his 30-point monster games would have put a smile on Rick's face.

The move of the week by Harry: starting the all-but-forgotten Pierre Thomas, who had 20-some points. Wow!

Bookkeeping to wrap up: Send out the winners' booty. Speaking of which... I'll give the U.S. Postal Service a couple more days to deliver Lew's check, and then I'll start worrying that he's still at a strip club stuffing $1 bills in various places..... Lew?

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Once more I'd like to congratulate Harry... and to tell all of those who battled so valiantly during our fantasy footall season, well done. It was an honor and a pleasure to "share the field" with you week in and week out.

Looking forward to defending my titles in baseball... and then trying for some redemption in football in 2011!! laugh

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If anyone reading this had thought about playing Fantasy Baseball or Football...this is the place to get started.

I never played until I played with this EC.com bunch and it is a great group. $20.00 is cheap and anyone can win (I really don't know that much about football, except for the Eagles) and I managed to do pretty well.

Thanks for a great year everyone!

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That's right, folks! Some may think that hell has frozen over. Others may feel rewarded for their faith in one Lewis B. Bundles.

Either way, rest assured that there are at least a few unhappy strippers in New Jersey right now. Lew's check arrived, cleared deposit (so far haha), and our four "in the money" teams soon will receive their princely payoffs for the 2010 Raspberries Fantasy League.

Unless, of course, I happen to stop by a strip club on my way to the Post Office....

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LC....that would be fine by me. I'm sure the strippers in MA are merely MIT students working to pay for books and things. It's a noble cause!! winkgrin

Well, for the good of research, I should definitely find out. I'll take copious notes and report back the findings. Now, what do I do with those $1 bills again?

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