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Happy Happy Birthday, Tim !! birthday

It’s that time of year again to put another candle on that cake !! spin Hugs and smooches to you from me on your special day! heartpump

The “Six of Clubs†is the card that rules your day of birth. Your card represents: “Financial aid or successâ€.

“Sixes†seek balance. They are home-loving, caring, loving, artistic, and dependable. They can be complacent, allowing their lives to get into ruts as they wait for things to happen to them.

“Clubs†are curious, communicative, creative. Courts are the suit of communication, ideas, People belonging to the Clubs suit believe in the power of intentions and ideas. They may be in love with words, they may search for the truth and for meaning. They rarely hold a grudge because they are able to rise above emotions and actions and find explanations or excuses for others' actions. On the negative side, they can use words as weapons, and they can finagle their way out of a jam with their clever minds by stretching the truth.

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I think I posted early on your Facebook wall.

Wishing a fabulous birthday to a fabulous guy! I know you're having a wonderful time with family and friends, and while you're celebrating another year, celebrate YOU, because you deserve celebration! What a great guy you are! king

I SO enjoy knowing you on EC.com and hope to meet you one day in the future.

Hoping your day is chock full of surprises and your year is filled with good health, happiness and love!

:)-- Love, heartpump Dar

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