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Comparing Job Satisfaction


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In terms of how ones job affects others, there are a few different possibilities. They are exemplified by: songwriter, doctor, and teacher.

A successful songwriter (or architect, or chef) is providing people with something that makes them happier, starting from a neutral baseline. Seems jobs like this would lead to much satisfaction.

A doctor (or plumber) is called in because something bad and unpleasant is happening to a person. They are (best case scenario) able to turn that bad into good (I feel better! My toilet works!). On the other hand, failure to resolve the complaint can lead to feelings of inadequacy or guilt. Seems like jobs like that could arguably lead to the highest highs and the lowest lows.

A teacher (or drill seargent) provides a service that the customer rarely wants or thinks they need in the moment. Often, the customer feels less happy after obtaining the service than before, and it's only years later (if ever) that appreciation sets in. This creates a challenge in terms of job satisfaction.

As a teacher, I often feel that students I look out at would rather be anywhere else. It's very deflating at times. Why am I expending energy to give people something they don't even want? That occasional e-mail of appreciation that trickles in really is like bread to a starving man.

Which category (or a different one entirely) does your job fall in?

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Great thread, Paul. Though my experience is different than yours. I don't have that problem with students.

You see, I give seminars, and my students are always interested in what I have to say. They pay good money too. I speak about harem-building.

It's true.

Though, I must say, it IS quite frustrating that my students (Tony Cartmill, Hollies, ReidC and the ex-Governor of New Jersey)....my students NEVER seem to catch on.


Oh well..

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One other thing - and you guys, keep this between us (don't tell anyone!..).

Ummm.. errrrrr.., well,....(gosh this is so embarassing!..)... You see, WendyWorld (she's a chick)....WendyWorld is also a frequent attendee at my seminars. It's true. A chick.


Anyway, I'm not sure if she attends hoping to be recruited into a harem?...or it's possible she is starting her own harem. I don't know. Time will tell.


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Being a doctor has infinite rewards in the form of alleviating human suffering, but for all the time and money spent on 8 years of education, national boards, state boards, malpractice, and healthcare reform, it has very little financial compensation.

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