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2 New Studio Tracks on Raspberries Gift Set!

Al K

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On November 29, 2007, the four original Raspberries visited Grammy award winner Mark Linett's "Your Place Or Mine" studio and without much fanfare added even more musical history to their legacy by recording their first studio tracks in over 35 years. The results of those sessions - The Who's "Substitute" featuring Eric Carmen on lead vocals that would make any Who fan proud, and The Beatles' "No Reply" featuring Wally Bryson on Lead vocals and Eric providing harmonies that together can only be described as AMAZING - clearly add the legendary Raspberries flavor to these two rock classics and are sure to become yet another great addition to this influential band's contribution to rock music.

These two tracks are now being made available via download for a limited time only as part of the "Raspberries Gift Set", available only on the band's website.


This very special LIMITED EDITION gift set includes:

• The "Special Edition" of the band's highly acclaimed first ever live CD / DVD, "Raspberries Live On Sunset Strip" which includes over 4 hours of bonus material and downloads from the band's VH1 sessions (previously sold separately for $125.00).

• A limited edition t-shirt with the Raspberries "Distressed" logo on the front. Men's sizes M, L, XL, 2XL. Ladies M, L, XL (a $20.00 value and long out of stock until now)

• Downloads of the band's first recordings in over 35 years: "No Reply" and "Substitute" — PRICELESS!!

All for only $99.95 (plus shipping and handling)

Order NOW at www.raspberriesonline.com


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Hey — new Raspberries? I don't remember hearing about the Linett studio session, but I may have and just forgot.

Certainly a full-length studio album of original material would have been the ideal, but Beatles and Who covers are the next-best thing.... Thanks for the notice!

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Thanks for the info, Al.

I was on hold with KLOS while the Raspberries were on Mark and Brian. I was the 2nd caller in line, but they only took one call, some lady who asked the Raspberries about 'Frosty and the Snowmen' (?) or some group...it was irritating...I was waiting in the wings to plug the heck out of the show, and they only took the one call. I guess it was a prelude of things to come at the HOB when the in-ear monitors quit working after a kick ass start to the show :angry:

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That would be awesome! I, too, have one of the first CD/DVD's and have bought two of these shirts at shows (not to mention three sweatshirts and two of the other shirts). Sure would love to have the two songs, though.

I actually just watched the "Hangin' With" show the other day, which kind of made me sad. It seemed like we were gonna get more new music and more shows at that point and the guys all looked pleased with the direction things appeared to be heading. Oh well, ya gotta be happy and if the boys are happier apart, than I am, too, or at least, happier for them. Their four albums and this live one have lasted me a LONG time and always will. It would be great if the other songs eventually hit Itunes, though!

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Hi Pat. I know what you mean. I feel an incredible sadness whenever I listen to or see the VH-1 verson of "I Wanna Be With You."

I don't think they are "happier apart" at all. I think they all would have been happier had the band thing worked out. But there were unresolved problems that just weren't resolved at that point, and those were sore points that made being together difficult, much the same as the first time around.

I'm sure each of them are sad that happened and not "happier" apart because each of them is VERY aware of what they had together and know it was magic, even better thirty plus years later.

Problems are never insoluble and no matter who feels like what now, life can change in an instant. We all know that. So... I never give up. I never say "never." Because on this earth, "ya never know." So when I feel that sadness, I look down at my mustard seed and say, "someday, in a perfect world..." Don't laugh and count me crazy yet. I said that 37 years ago and look what happened.


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I posted a suggestion a while back that Eric and Walley could perhaps resolve the hostility with a good counselor. Unfortunately even if one is willing often the other is not.

Maybe Jim and Dave could act as diplomats to convince E & W to do it to save the band; OTOH it may not be as important to them as it is to the Raspberry fans (us) sniff, sniff.

Self examination is hard and sometimes humbling but growth can come from it.


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I was able to download the 2 songs today. Substitute is every bit as good as the original, and I'm not exaggerating here. No Reply is great too, especially when they get to the "If I were you" part.

It's a shame an album didn't come about, maybe with a few more covers and some re-makes of tunes the guys did later on their own or with other bands...

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I love being a female. As the guys chat about the CD package, I’m more interested in reading what my gals are chatting about. Heartfelt stuff.

Ok...I'll chime in here.

To me there is a staunch difference between friendship and a working relationship. I don't know how Eric and Wally were with each other. I am not privy to the inside scoop. For all I know, they were like two office workers whose creative talents led them to work on office projects together. Thing is, in time, for whatever reason(s) they just couldn't work together anymore, and one of them moved on and up the proverbial corporate ladder. Hands down, Eric is without a doubt that one.

Now, if they were indeed friends in every true sense of the word, then that's an added bonus. However, friendships don't always last nor do they have to. Many run a course. This may be true for them and that's ok. (Again, I don't know.) It doesn't mean it's a bad thing, it just means it's a part of life.

Bands break up. Friendships end. Work relationships change. No big deal. It's ok to say---"Sorry, no thanks. We're fine, and our time together is finished. It's over---call it a day."

Sometimes I have had to accept what seems to be the obvious. I too usually don't like to say never, of course unless it seems to be REALLY a "never." I will NEVER be Mrs. Paul McCartney. (I know. Please don't feel sorry for me...I'm not too crushed. lol) And I will NEVER find myself, for whatever reason, under Johnny Depp. (Now you all can REALLY feel sorry for me.)

I don't think (from what's been posted) I will ever see the band perform again. No expectations, no disappointments. I suppose that goes for everything in life, even though there is always (a lot of) room to be pleasantly surprised by the twists and turns that life can take.

Ok, stick a fork in me...I'm done.

PS: I LOVE what is written in Matthew 17:20, Darlene. I too have a mustard seed, just to remind me what a little faith can do in my life.

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As for the offer Al put up.

Anytime I've sold something, I've tried to offer the best I could for those who may be interested. I believe that's what Al did.

It's like when I went to my full service beauty salon for the first time. Got a great deal on a "package." A year later, I could get the same deal, plus some added extras for a lower price, but I had to purchase the whole package again to get the extras I wanted that were not sold separately. Sure, I was disappointed, I really wanted those extras. But business is business. I totally get it.

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