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Typical Japanese beauty


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He IS so cute! Great taste you have, Andiemay.

I think that Asian men are adorable. Some are very hot, in a cool, casual way. There is a Chinese violinist I know who is absolutely smokin'! And he plays gorgeously too, to boot!


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I think they are all lovely.

When I was in Japan, I noticed that the women all seemed to be so feminine and very "lady-like." That to me made them all so beautiful, especially the elderly ladies who were so kind to me and Maria.

My sister and I learned a lot from our trip to Japan and one thing we always had with us were tissues, as a lady never knows when she would need them. The Japanese women (sales clerks) would give them to us when we would buy something in a store.

Until this day, I have a small package of tissues in every purse that I carry.

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