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I collect McFarlane six inch sports figures for the various Chicago teams for our sports orientated basement. The local athletes are becoming more and more difficult to find, which I believe is a marketing ploy by the McFarlane company to drive up their value. In Chicago, you can find all the New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, etc. athletes, so I'm assuming in your cities, you have tons of Chicago figures. It's frustrating because you see them all marked down because nobody buys the rival teams players, yet you can't find the local ones, unless you pay through the nose on the internet.

So, while you are shopping this holiday season, I would appreciate keeping an eye out for any Chicago ones and if you see them, let me know. They should be ten bucks each or less.

The ones we are searching for are: Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Tony Esposito, Stan Mikita, Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Julius Peppers, and Brian Urlacher.

If you see them (and make sure they are the six inch ones, not the three) please contact me here and I would gladly send you a check for any of these, just contact me first via PM. Also, if anyone else collects them, I'd be happy to look here for you. Thanks in advance for any effort put forth.

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Jerry: That white Cutler is exactly what I'm looking for. You can buy it on ebay, but people try to rip you off, that's why I'm hoping some out of state friends can find them cheaper in the ten buck range. I love the ebay guys that sell them for one cent, but then want sixteen bucks to ship it!

Thanks, Marlene!

Tommy: The Yankee I see around here most often is CC Sabathia for around eleven or twelve bucks. There is an awesome four pack of Yankees that has Jeter, Pettitte, Rivera, and Posada for around fifty bucks. I will keep my eye out and see if any get discounted around the holidays.

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Thanks Rick, I took a look and that five dollar Cutler is from his Denver days. I'm trying to get either of his Bears (white or blue uniform) ones.

These things are incredibly frustrating the way they are marketed for demand, as tonight we were shopping in Walmart and they have ten Ben Roethlisberger ones and no local athletes. There is probably someone in Pittsburgh that can't find that one and is saying "why do they have all these damn Bears ones here?" We just love to collect them and use them for knick knacks in our sports room. I'd kill for the Tony Esposito one, but on the internet, people are selling them for over a hundred bucks! It's a six inch piece of plastic! Right now on ebay, someone is selling a Jonathan Toews (albeit autographed, but big deal) for $299.00! Are you kidding me? I bought two Cubs ones when I was in San Francisco, yet I've never seen them in Chicago!!!!!!

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