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Finish this Boxing Quote:

Tony Cartmill

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I agree about Mayweather ducking Manny. That certainly explains why this fight hasn't happened yet. I'd kill to see THAT bout!

Also I see Mayweather trying to get into Manny's head with the drug testing issue. I just can't believe he's willing to pass on such a HUGE payday!

That matchup would temporarily steal the thunder away from MMA.

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Tony, Carlos Monzon won the Middleweight title in 1970 when he beat Nino Benvenuti, who was a pretty good fighter himself. I think he defended his title something like 14 times. I would have LOVED to see him and Marvin Hagler fight each other in their primes! Apparently he was just as much a wild man out of the ring. He was killed in a car accident back in '95. He was a hell of a fighter. He retired back in '77.

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Monzon was the man!


I can't even talk about Monzon, without tears in my eyes...

My father was a big fan of him. I used to watch some Boxing on Tv with my dad...

Besides his boxing life, I used to be very interested in his life, I loved him...

I can't talk, I get very moved. It was very sad, his last days... crying

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Yes, I remember that Steve. He fought Frazier twice and Bonavena dropped Joe 2 times in their first fight! The fight against Ali was a classic...Dec. 1970...I'll never forget that one. Bonavena was one tough hombre. It's too bad he died violently. What a waste.

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He was a GREAT fighter, Andie. One of my all-time favorites. He was very well known up here in the States. Do you remember Oscar(Ringo)Bonavena?? He was another tough Argentinian fighter. They called him Ringo because of his resemblance to Ringo Starr.

Yes, I do remember Ringo Bonavena too, because of my father's...

But, thanks a lot for reminding me of him smile. I didn't remember well the story of "Ringo"...and I didn't remember he was shot in Nevada.

I see there is recent a Hollywood movie about him.


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